Monday, January 22, 2018

You Don't Look Adopted

When I first heard of this book, I was immediately intrigued.  We adopted our daughter when she was less than two months old.  She is now seven and, although she doesn’t have the same concerns that the author did, I’m aware that as she gets older these may be some of the things she struggles with. 

The author gives a real, raw look into her life and thoughts on adoption.  How she has felt, how she’s tried to deal with it and where she is now in life.  Although heart-wrenching, this book is definitely worth reading.

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About the author:
Anne Heffron was born in Manhattan in 1964 to a young college student who gave her up for adoption. Fifty-one years later Anne returned to Manhattan to find the roots of her story, the story that began with her birth instead of the story that began “The day we got you.” This journey is the subject of “You Don’t Look Adopted”, an account of the perils and blessings of adoption.

Before turning to memoir, Anne co-wrote the film “Phantom Halo” with her writing partner, Antonia Bogdanovich. “Phantom Halo” was first shown at the 2015 Austin Film Festival and won Best Picture at the 2015 New York International Film Festival. She and Antonia currently have a screenplay, “The Rabbit Will Die” in development.

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  1. I hope this book has given you some insight into the things your daughter may experience as she grows up! Thanks for being a part of the tour.