Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Peach of a Pair - Review & Giveaway

Review by KT Sullivan
In March of 1953, Nettie Gilbert is getting ready to graduate from college and become a music teacher. She also plans to marry her long time love, Brooks Carter. She receives a letter from her mother clipped to a wedding invitation. Her sister, Sissy, is pregnant and marrying Brooks and Nettie needs to be there for Sissy. Her own feelings ignored, Nettie is crushed and drops out of school. She sees a job advertised on a bulletin board for live in help for two elderly sisters. She calls and finds out their doctor, Remmy Wilkes, has suggested the two need someone. They don’t agree and one of the sisters, Emily Eldridge, replies, they don’t need any “g. d. help.” The elder sister, Lurleen, is bedridden and very ill. She appreciates Nettie’s company and tells Emily to be nice and not work Nettie so hard. Remmy and Lurleen believe Nettie is pregnant. Why else would she leave school? Nettie realizes the mistake and tells them the truth. Lurleen is angry with Nettie’s family for treating her so badly. Remmy starts to fall in love with Nettie. Emily stays mean to her. Emily decides Remmy is a horrible doctor and wants to take Lurleen to a faith healer in Texas. Nettie, Emily, and Lurleen go on a bus trip and find out more about themselves and each other.

This is a fun story, the barbs between the sisters are priceless. The story continually asks and answers the question, what would you do for your family? How much sacrifice and tragedy are enough before forgiveness is offered and accepted? I enjoyed it very much.

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About the Author:
Kim Boykin was raised in her South Carolina home with two girly sisters and great parents. She had a happy, boring childhood, which sucks if you’re a writer because you have to create your own crazy. PLUS after you’re published and you’re being interviewed, it’s very appealing when the author actually lived in Crazy Town or somewhere in the general vicinity.

As a stay-at-home mom, Kim started writing, grabbing snip-its of time in the car rider line or on the bleachers at swim practice. After her kids left the nest, she started submitting her work, sold her first novel at 53, and has been writing like crazy ever since.

She is the author of A Peach of a Pair, Palmetto Moon and The Wisdom of Hair from Berkley/NAL/Penguin; Flirting with Forever, She’s the One, Just in Time for Christmas, Steal Me, Cowboy and Sweet Home Carolina from Tule. While her heart is always in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, she lives in Charlotte and has a heart for hairstylist, librarians, and book junkies like herself.

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