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Buster: The Military Dog Who Saved A Thousand Lives - Giveaway

About the book:
Barrow’s first deployment with Buster was to Afghanistan.  While putting Buster through preliminary training sessions, Barrow quickly saw that Buster was, indeed, an expert.  He was methodical and super-steady, which meant he didn’t expend too much energy as he worked.  This would be vital in the extreme heat of the desert.  But, even more than that, Barrow found Buster to be flawless in all the trials he set up for him.  Buster located every test “find, going straight to the hidden arms and explosives.  In short, Barrow found him amazing and put his complete trust and confidence in the spaniel.

During their deployments together, Buster would save Barrow and his comrades many times.   He would be by their side during Taliban ambushes, dangerous night searches, and hunts for roadside bombs.  On one particularly harrowing patrol, Buster tracked down several suicide vests, and the would-be bombers were arrested.  But, not only did Buster protect Barrow and his fellow soldiers in life-and-death situations, he also proved to be a valuable asset in many other ways as well.  Besides being able to detect explosives, he could detect when Barrow and other soldiers needed cheering up.  He would often sense a soldier’s emotions, sit down by him and give him comfort.  Also, when Barrow and his team would be on patrol, Buster acted as a diplomat, entertaining the locals and the children he would meet.

From the start of their working relationship, Barrow and Buster worked as a team protecting the lives of their fellow comrades on the warfront with heroic feats, like sniffing out explosive vests that led to the arrest of two suicide bombers. Not only was Buster a professional on the field, he also knew how to follow emotions, from comforting a grieving solider to providing relief in times of stress. A best friend in dog's clothing, a RAF dog with his mossy feet firmly on the ground, Buster is truly a dog in a million.

Buster, uniquely, has served five tours of duty in three theatres of war (Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan)—more than any other military dog.  He also won the prestigious Crufts Friends for Life Award in 2012, and has gone on to become the official lifetime mascot of the RAF Police, the only dog in history to have been honored in that manner.

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About the authors:
RAF Police Flight Sergeant MICHAEL "WILL" BARROW joined the RAF at 18. He then specialized as a Drugs Detection Dog Handler and an Arms and Explosives Search Dog Handler, and has served in the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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ISABEL GEORGE is an international bestselling author who writes with a passion and respect for animals in war. Her father's enchanting stories of mascots adopted by Royal Navy warships sparked an interest that has grown over the past 20 years into numerous features for national newspapers and periodicals in the UK, as well as books available all over the world.

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