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Sight For Sore Eyes - Book Tour & Giveaway

Sight for Sore Eyes
Clarence Bay Chronicles #2
By: Joan Leacott
Releasing Feb 2014

Love isn’t blind; it’s just nearsighted.

Emma Finn has had enough of life-altering changes. Stability is all she wants right now, no matter how boring.

Ophthalmologist Asher Stockdale wants her to dust off her old dream of globe-trotting photographer, no matter the cost to his new dream of home, family and small town life.

Carpenter ants, cream pies, and a pair of scheming seniors help Emma and Asher to see what really lies before their eyes.

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Some days later, Asher was at his piano playing an easy piece from his days at the Conservatory. After the scene in the forest, he wanted something soothing, without a hint of a challenge for either his hands or emotions. He rolled his right shoulder, still sore from chucking all those rocks.

Everybody in town had stopped to chat with him about his adventures with the bear family. Everybody had a piece of advice for the next time; stand still, climb a tree, play dead, wave and shout, carry bear bells, carry an air horn.

Everybody except Emma.

His foot slipped off the pedal. His left hand tripped over his right. Discordant notes crashed among the strings and faded away. He sat in silence until his front door bell rang.

Beside veterinarian Dr. Greg Andrews, the little dog sat quietly on leash. His one visible black eye gleamed with health. He wore a clean lightweight bandage over the other.
“Hey, Greg, come on in. Care for a beer?”

Asher escorted Greg and the dog through the kitchen to the sunny backyard, stopping for a couple of beers on the way. The men settled into Muskoka chairs. The dog sat down on the flagstones between them, head cocked, his eye alert to further developments.

Asher bent forward and patted the rough coat, careful not to spook the dog into taking off down his unfenced yard and over the stream.

“He’s looking good,” Asher said. “What about the bear and her cubs?”

“No sign of them. The Parks Department people judge they’ve moved on to less dangerous ground.”

Asher scratched under the small dog’s chin, inducing a blissful expression on the black-and-white face. “And this little guy? Have the owners come forward to claim him?” Asher prayed for a negative. He wanted to keep the dog, give him a new, safe life.

“Not yet. We notified the Humane Society and the police, but there’s nothing yet. No identifying microchips or tattoos.” Greg gave Asher a sly, knowing grin. “I thought, seeing as he saved your life and all, you might want to consider adopting him.” Greg scratched his cheek and looked away. “For what it’s worth, Emma likes dogs.”

The dog had been following the conversation back and forth between the two men as if he knew they were discussing his fate. Now he focused his attention on Asher. He whined, adding his plea to Greg’s. Asher’s little boy should have had a dog, but his ex-wife Sondra had hated them. Emma’s liking of dogs only made Asher like her more.

Asher smiled down at the dog. “So, my little hero, would you like to come and live with me?”

The dog placed his spotted paw on Asher’s knee.

Asher narrowed his eyes at Greg. “This is a setup.”

Greg laughed and held out the leash.

Asher glanced down at the dog. The little critter stood and put both paws on Asher’s knees and smiled. Asher ruffled his good ear and took the leash. “Welcome to your new home, buddy. Your job, should you choose to accept it, will be to help me get you a mistress.”

About the Author

Joan Leacott is skilled in many arts—sewing, knitting crochet, cross-stitch, painting, and piano. The skill favoured by her husband and son is cooking, especially pumpkin pie.

She spends her winters in Toronto, Canada attending piano classes, melting in the hot yoga studio, and writing.

Her summers are spent on the shores of Georgian Bay relaxing on the deck with a romance novel and a glass of wine. After she's done her laps in the bay, she settles down to write more multi-generational stories of people living and loving in today’s world.

See you on the streets of Clarence Bay!

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