Monday, February 2, 2015

The Unexpected Waltz - Review & Giveaway

Review by KT Sullivan
Kelly Wilder Madison is a wealthy fifty-two year old widow. She loved her husband, but got absorbed into his world. Now, she has her life back and is ready to start over. After mistakenly stealing an apple from a grocery store, she notices a dance studio in the strip mall. She has always wanted to learn how to dance. On a whim, she signs up for lessons under her maiden name. The male instructors, Nik and Anatoly, are from Russia and a bit standoffish. She meets other students and realizes one’s husband worked with her husband. And the woman is having an affair with Nik. Kelly also volunteers at the local hospice center. Her patient, Carolina, is dying of cancer. Through her eyes, Kelly sees what she missed. She wanted a family, but it never happened. Instead, she’s been the doting aunt of her friend Elyse’s daughter. While reflecting on the lost opportunities in her life, she remembers her first love, Daniel. She looks him up on social media and decides to reconnect. Heartbreak and loss wear her down, so she throws herself into the dance lessons. Elyse and Carolina would love to see her perform. Kelly arranges to dance at the hospice Christmas party as a last gift for Carolina. The drama at the dance studio threatens to close it. Kelly decides to step in and solve the problems so she can continue to dance.

It’s easy to relate to Kelly, a life of missed chances and what ifs. Carolina’s death puts Kelly’s life in perspective, there is still time to change and do what she wants. To cheer Carolina up, Elyse and Kelly introduce her to old movies. One of my favorites, Now, Voyager, is discussed. Bette Davis has a nervous breakdown, regains her life, and falls in love. It inspires Kelly to move on and be happy. I recommend the book and the movie.

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Kim Wright is the author of Love in Mid Air and The Unexpected Waltz and has been writing about travel, food, and wine for more than twenty years for many magazines, including Wine Spectator, Self, Travel & Leisure, and Vogue. She has twice won the Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing. The Canterbury Sisters is her third novel, and she also ballroom dances competitively. Kim lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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