Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If You're Not The One - Review & Giveaway

Review by KT Sullivan
Jennifer Wright decides her life with husband Max is boring. “Is this it?” seems to be her attitude toward her life. She finds herself asking ‘what if’ questions. After an accident leaves her in a coma for a while, she reexamines the relationship decisions in her life. She recalls past boyfriends and imagines different outcomes. She’s having a midlife crisis based on romances lost and found. Will she find happiness or does she have it and doesn’t recognize it?
The story bounces around in time before and after her car accident plus recollections of the men in her life. Many women have wondered what happened to ‘the one’ from high school. Now, searching the Internet is standard procedure. I found the questions in the back of the book the most interesting part. One point is that changing a substantial part of your life has a ripple effect on everything. If Jennifer didn’t marry Max, she wouldn’t have her children, live in her house, or know certain people. Swapping out the guy doesn’t solve the ‘blandness,’ it creates different situations and problems. Depending on a spouse to make the other’s life happy or fun shifts the burden and takes away responsibility. There is a partnership aspect to marriage and a meeting in the middle of priorities.

This story delves into how to change an unhappy life. With hard work and effort, it must come from within.

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Becoming a Mum was a big life change.  But it wasn’t until my second baby was about six months old, that I unearthed my book which I’d written over the course of about three years whenever I’d been in between jobs (out of work). Taking a deep breath I sent it to a publisher and the day I got my book deal was one of the happiest of my life. These days I’m a single mum (with a lovely boyfriend) and am busy writing and presenting. My third book, If You’re Not the One, came out in February and the film rights have been optioned by Working Title Films. It is also coming out in the States in June 2015. Meanwhile, I have just finished my fourth book which is due out next spring and am currently brewing ideas for a fifth.

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