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Now I See You - Review, 12 Things About ... & A Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel
What would you do if you were told that you only had so many years before your vision would be taken away?  Many would be in denial, others may fall into a depressed state, but for Nicole Kear, she chose to make the best of the time that she was able to see.  As she said in the book, she chose to carpe diem.  She traveled the world, joined clown school and overall just enjoyed life.  But she didn’t tell others about her soon to be vision loss.  Instead, she chose to keep it a secret.  Not even some of her closest friends knew about it.  They did notice that things were a bit off with Nicole at times.  Bumping into things, not accepting an outstretched hand to shake when meeting a new person or not acknowledging a child when they were right in front of her.  It wasn’t until she came clean to friends and family about her diagnosis that these instances started to make sense.  And it was in this admittance to her loved ones that she was going through a life altering change that she was able to start to accept it herself.

I first heard about this book when my local library was hosting an author event.  I was intrigued by this woman’s story not only for her courage and positive outlook on life, but also because I had a daughter who was blind.  I wanted to hear from another how they went about their everyday life while dealing with compromised sight.  In listening to her speak about her diagnosis, how she chose to deal with it and how she’s doing now, I was in awe of this woman.  Her story was so profound, her words encouraging, and I left there feeling inspired. 

This story is about courage, strength and acceptance, but told with such humor that you can only look at Nicole with respect, not sympathy.  Such an uplifting and empowering book about a strong, unique woman.  This is an absolute must read for all.

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“12 Things About Nicole Kear”

1. I love the word "Darjeeling." There was a time, back in my buoyant, whimsical youth, that I'd call my husband that, in lieu of "darling." Consequently, I get inordinately excited when I can order that kind of tea at coffee shops. 

2. I am a terrible typist. Embarrassingly bad. To the extent that you could devise the world's best drinking game, if you did a shot every time you spotted a typo in one of my emails. 

3. I buy really cheap, designer knock-off sunglasses. You can tell they are knock-offs because after two days, the DG insignia on the sides falls off. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that doesn't happen with real Dolce and Gabbanas.

4. Red and purple are my favorite colors. 

5. That said, I'm pretty color-blind so, who knows what my favorite colors really are.

6. Two different strangers have asked me if I was a professional singer, and these comments, for no apparent reason, are the most validating things I've ever heard. I recount these stories to my kids far too often as proof that I'm a great singer (they disagree). The first was a man standing behind me at church, who enjoyed my rendition of "Hallelujah," which I sing with relish. The second was a man selling fruit on a street corner in Manhattan who overheard me singing a made-up song to my toddler to keep her quiet. I will thank both of them when I accept my Grammy. They were the only people who believed in me.  

7. I know now how the word "misled" is pronounced but for many years, I thought it was pronounced "my-zeld" so, secretly, I say it that way in my head.

8. I wish I had tried dying my hair platinum blond and I fear now I'm too old to pull it off. 

9. I love raw chestnuts. Like, as much as Rapunzel's mother loved radishes. 

10. When I was a kid, I almost ate a spider. I don't know why. I'm still a little traumatized by this. 

11. I'm currently obsessed with the Ella Fitzgerald version of "Paper Moon" but my favorite cover of it is the one sung by my three-year-old.   

12. The only way I can bear to do dishes is while listening to an audiobook. Try it. It just might change your life. 

About the Author:
Nicole C. Kear is the author of the memoir Now I See You (St. Martin’s Press), chosen as a Must-Read by People, AmazonMartha Stewart LivingParade, Redbook, and Marie Claire UK among others. She is currently working on the first six books of an early reader series for children, The Fix-It Friends, to be published by Macmillan Kids’ Imprint, in 2017. Her essays appear in the New York TimesGood HousekeepingNew YorkPsychology TodayParents, as well as Salon, the Huffington Post and xoJane, and she teaches writing at the NYU School of Professional Studies. 

A native of New York, she received a BA from Yale, a MA from Columbia, and a red nose from the San Francisco School of Circus Arts. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, three children and two aquatic frogs

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