Friday, January 17, 2014

Rock Radio - Review & Giveaway

Review by Darcey Pickett

Rock Radio gives you an inside view into what goes on behind the mic and on-air sign at a Florida radio station.  The characters are well developed and each has a story in their own right.  This is not your typical love story…

Dana is a sweet on-air personality that finds it difficult to be in a relationship because she wants men to love her for who she is off the air.  After a failed relationship, she wonders if she will ever find her true love.

Jonny is a DJ at the radio station with Dana, he has it all, great job, loving wife and a taste for young interns.  But that sweet taste can turn bitter very quickly.  He is a good friend to Dana, but can’t be faithful to his own wife.  Will he learn the errors of his ways?

Cody is a sexy young rocker, who had a tough childhood.  There were parts of his past that were difficult to read, but you will find yourself rooting for him all throughout the story.  There is love and happiness in this heart throbs future!

This book was fun and sexy.  There are characters you will plain love, love to hate and those that will get exactly what is coming to them.  I believe that Ms. Wainland captured a great view of the lives of these main characters.  If you are curious as to the life and world of a radio DJ, you will be satisfied when you are done reading Rock Radio!

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About the Author:
I love rock. The music, the bands, the excitement. Working in radio I lived behind the scenes. It was the '90s and Florida was a hotbed of new rock bands. Creed. Limp Bizkit. Matchbox Twenty. Sister Hazel. Such a great time to be in radio as music evolved from neon to plaid and beyond.

Rock Radio was inspired by this amazing time.  Writing the book was a fun journey back.  I wanted to take readers behind the scenes of a radio station, give a feel for the highs and lows of a new band struggling for stardom and tell the story of the passion and scandal that goes with it all.

Romance with a rock star edge.

With the best music of the nineties as a soundtrack, the story unfolded.  Jonny, Dana and Cody were born and the rest, as they say, is...Rock Radio.

Lisa Wainland has spent over twenty years in the world of radio. When she’s not writing, she does voiceovers for radio and television.  Career highlights include interviewing Billy Joel and writing commercials for Howard Stern.

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