Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Balance Project - Review & Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel
As the assistant to Katherine Whitney, a COO at a multibillion dollar health and wellness company and author of a popular women’s self-help book about having it all, Lucy is having a hard time balancing all that is going on in her life.  Ironically, Katherine’s book dictates how one can easily find balance in their work-life, but Lucy and Katherine’s lives are anything but in balance.  Although the book has been a success, their lives have been more stressful than ever.  And it’s Lucy who is the glue that’s been trying to hold Katherine’s life together.  But as she remains the loyal assistant to Katherine, Lucy’s own life and relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Nick, starts to unravel.  But the last straw is when Katherine does something to sabotage Lucy’s dream.  It’s at this point that Lucy has the difficult decision to either remain loyal to Katherine despite the way she’s been treating her, or set off to fulfill her own dreams.

As a woman who feels like she’s constantly getting pulled in a million different directions, I could totally relate to how Lucy felt throughout this book.  Just like Lucy, I’m a people pleaser and tend to wear myself thin for other peoples’ happiness.  This book helped me to realize that it’s okay if we don’t get everything done or aren’t 100% perfect at all times.  We can still have it all.  And, by all, I mean defining what your personal “all” is.  For me it’s being an overall good person (wife, daughter, mother, sister, friend) and being the best version of me that I can be.  I may not check off everything on my to-do list, and that’s okay.  But balancing the important things in life and being happy with the person you are are the most important things in my opinion!

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In addition to writing fiction, I also write for magazines and websites, mostly about family life, health, and wellness. My writing has been published by The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Times of India, The Nest, Glamour, Mind Body Green, Westchester Magazine, Serendipity, and others.
Throughout my career I’ve done marketing, communications, and writing work for magazines, Internet companies, nonprofit organizations, and advertising and PR agencies in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

I grew up in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, and I was valedictorian of my high school. From there I traveled east and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where I studied communications and English. Now, I live just outside New York City with my husband and our three boys.

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