Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Regret Nothing - Review & Giveaway

Review by Darcie Czajkowski
Middle age doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring, settling, following a routine. If you’re like Jen Lancaster and your forties seem predictable and banal, then it’s time to shake things up.

In her memoir, Jen Lancaster decides to create a bucket list as a way of challenging herself to step outside of her comfort zone, try new things, and not succumb to the feeling that middle age is the beginning of the end.
With Jen’s proven knack for humor, non-self-deprecating ability to laugh at herself, and positive attitude, she takes the reader on a journey in which she dabbles in new hobbies and sets personal goals to better her life.

While Jen loves being a writer, she knows she has other talents and starts refurbishing old furniture. She finds that she not only loves it but is also pretty skillful at it. So much so that she is able to have her own show to sell her work.

Jen learns Italian for the dual-purpose of connecting with her heritage and being able to communicate with the locals when she later travels to Italy for her first international trip since she was a child. She had to apply for a passport specifically for the trip.

Jen re-committed to her long-held goal of losing weight and feeling better about her long-term health. Going hand in hand with this commitment was her accomplishment of completing a 5K.

And then there’s learning how to ride a bicycle. Sure, she learned as a child, but she doesn’t think the old adage – it’s just like riding a bike – holds true for her. So…maybe she’ll start with a three-wheeled adult tricycle. That ought to be better for balance, right?

Throughout it all, Jen inserts life lessons that can resonate with people of all ages. Pick up a new hobby; you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it. Don’t be too hard on yourself; we are our own worst critics. Sprinkle kindness everywhere; it costs nothing. And finally, never stop growing into the best version of yourself; there is always room for improvement. If you do these things, you will probably, like Jen, “regret nothing.”

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About the Author:
Jen is an American author whose titles have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.

As of 2014, she has ten published books: Bitter is the New Black; Bright Lights, Big Ass; Such A Pretty Fat; Pretty in Plaid; My Fair Lazy; Jeneration X; If You Were Here, her first foray into fiction; The Tao of Martha and "Here I Go Again" her second fiction novel; and finally, "Twisted Sisters". She is also an occasional NPR columnist.

Lancaster was an associate vice president for a technology company prior to being laid off after 9/11. Being laid off, and her adaption thereto, became the subject matter for her blog and, later, her books.

Lancaster was raised in Indiana and now resides in ChicagoIllinois with her husband, Fletch, and their many pets. She is an alumna of Purdue University. She is known for her humor and rampant narcissism which is mentioned in her books

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