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The Sweet Spot - Review & Giveaway

The Sweet Spot
By: Stephanie Evanovich
Releasing in Print, July 8th, 2014

Last summer readers were captivated by Stephanie Evanovich’s highly-anticipated New York Times bestselling debut novel, Big Girl Panties. This summer, Evanovich is back with THE SWEET SPOT, the sizzling story of two of readers’ favorite characters from Big Girl Panties: Chase Walker, the hunky professional baseball player, and his beautiful, curvy, and exceptionally sassy wife Amanda. 

Amanda is a successful, levelheaded woman who built her restaurant from scratch. She’s certainly not looking for a prince charming to sweep her off her feet.  So when Chase, baseball’s golden boy, begins to pursue her, she barely gives him the time of day. Her heart-shaped face and big blue eyes stop him dead in his tracks and her lush, plus-size curves don’t hurt either. And while Amanda’s used to celebrities and politicians dining at the Cold Creek Grille, she just can’t stop staring at Chase—he’s hotness personified.

At heart, Chase is a monogamist who likes strong women, despite his playboy image. Amanda is exactly the type he’s been looking to settle down with, but she won’t say yes easily. From daily visits to the restaurant to extravagant flower arrangements, Chase will stop at nothing to persuade her to go out with him—and he finally succeeds!
For Amanda their romance is all too good to be true, and something has got to give. Can Chase really be this perfect? And then she discovers that squeaky-clean Chase Walker has a spicy little kink. While readers of Big Girl Panties will remember it quite well, Chase’s fans have no idea that off the field, he likes to indulge in a little passionate spanking from time to time.

To her surprise, Amanda discovers a naughty side she never knew she had. But then, thanks to a tabloid, their secret comes to light and becomes the nation’s favorite water-cooler gossip. Will Amanda give up a little bit of her single-girl freedom for true love with a twist? Or will the pressure of Chase’s stardom spell doom for this sexy couple?

THE SWEET SPOT is an incredibly sexy and charming story filled with wit, fun, and extra-spicy romance. This is the perfect follow-up to Big Girl Panties and undoubtedly a great choice for summer reading.

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Review by Marlene Engel

In Stephanie Evanovich’s first book, Big Girl Panties, we met Chase and Amanda Walker.  So, if you’ve read that book then you know what their relationship status is.  But in this book, Stephanie shows us how they met and how their relationship evolved.  As with the first book, the author infuses the perfect amount of humor and wit throughout the book making it a fun, laugh out loud read.
Amanda is an independent, modern woman.  She doesn’t need a man to hold her hand through life.  With hard work and determination she can do anything she sets her mind to.  But things change the night that baseball superstar, Chase Walker, dines at Cold Creek … the restaurant owned by Amanda.  Of course it was obvious how handsome he was, but Amanda knows that guys like these have women hanging on them all the time.  So when he asks her on a date, she immediately turned him down.  She didn’t want to be just another number in the long list of women who must be in his life.  But this is Chase Walker we’re talking about.  He’s used to getting what he wants and refuses to give up until Amanda agrees to go on a date with him.

After showing up regularly at Cold Creek and proving to Amanda that he’s not one to back down quickly, she agrees to one date.  But Chase has a big secret.  One that he’s unsure how Amanda will react to it.  Will he confess it to Amanda?  Or will it be a relationship deal breaker if she finds out?

I loved Ms. Evanovich’s first book, Big Girl Panties and The Sweet Spot was just as good!  I loved getting to know the adorable couple in the first book and then learning how they met in the second one.  With humor and the perfect amount of spice, The Sweet Spot is the best summer book!  Grab your beach bag and throw this book in.  You won’t be able to put it down until you hit the last page!

About the Author:
Stephanie Evanovich is a full-fledged Jersey girl from Asbury Park who began writing fiction while waiting for her cues during countless community theater projects. She attended New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts and acted in several improvisational troupes and a few small-budget movies, all in preparation for the greatest job she ever had, raising her two sons. Now a full-time writer, she’s an avid sports fan who holds a black belt in tae kwon do.

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