Wednesday, April 15, 2015

12 Things About Melissa of Chick Lit Central & A Giveaway

“12 Things about Melissa A (from Chick Lit Central)”
a.k.a. The Book Fairy

Marlene invited me to visit Book Mama today, and she is over at Chick Lit Central. Her latest idea for her blog posts is "12 Things." It seems like coming up with these items is easier for her than me, so just humor me a bit! There's something in it for you, as I have some fun items to give away to a lucky US winner. (Marlene is doing an international giveaway though, so stop on by my blog and enter that giveaway if you live outside of the US.)

I'm thrilled that CLC and Book Mama are blog sisters. We're a great match and we have fun planning posts together. Marlene is a wonderful woman and I'm thankful to have her as a friend!

1. The first time I started a book group online was a V.C. Andrews fan club in 1996. I still talk with some of the people who originally joined.
2. My favorite sport is bowling and I met my husband because of it.
3. My twitter handle (@eema2emma) is because eema means mom in Hebrew and "EMMA" is my three kids' first initials and our last initial.
4. I've lived in the Chicago suburbs for most of my life and have only been in the DC area for the past five and a half years. I feel like I was meant to live here though.
5. I have a personal blog where I like to talk about fun memories, pop culture, religious stuff, etc. I have a blog post for just about any topic that someone brings up.
6. When I'm not taking care of my kids, blogging, or reading, I work at a non-profit. I've been there for over five years and love it.
7. I love Broadway musicals. I usually find myself singing songs from those the most.
8. I could spend hours in my favorite thrift store if someone let me. I have found some cool "treasures" that way. (Mostly CDs and DVDs I really wanted, but still....)
9. My first job, aside from babysitting, was working the takeout section of my favorite Chinese restaurant.
10. Unlike Marlene, I am not a coffee drinker at all. I love tea and hot cocoa though! And I do have some favorite mugs too.
11. The first book I ever received for review at CLC was The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen.
12. At my office, I'm most famous for having a huge basket of chocolate by my desk. No one can resist! 

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Also, be sure to head over to Chick Lit Central and check out my “12 Things About Marlene” interview.  I also have a fun prize pack full of some of my favorite things.  Be sure to enter!  xoxo

Here's what I'm giving away:
Some of my favorite snacks, along with my favorite tea
Two Sarah Pekkanen novels since she was the first author to take a chance on Chick Lit Central.
One of my favorite movies (have some tissues handy!!!)
One of my favorite products that will make your life easier.
A few other fun things.

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