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Thrill Me - 12 Things About Susan Mallery

“12 Things about Susan Mallery”
Author of Thrill Me

1.    Susan's first two books were published the same month—January 1992—when she was just out of college. One was a historical romance titled Frontier Flame, which she wrote under the name Susan Macias. The other was a Silhouette Special Edition titled Tender Loving Care.
2.    Susan was rejected so many times by Harlequin Presents that the editors asked her to stop submitting. They later took it back, but by then, she was happily writing for Silhouette.
3.    After majoring in Accounting, Susan is one of the few writers who can understand her royalty statements.
4.    Susan has three pets—a toy poodle and two ragdoll cats. The toy poodle, Nikki, is six pounds. Both cats already outweighed her when they came into the Mallery household as kittens. Alex and Lucy are siblings.

5.    A soft spot in her heart for animals led Susan to become active in the Seattle Humane Society. She has donated "Your Pet in a Novel" to their live auction a number of times, and has incorporated several winning owners' pets into her characters' lives.
6.    Susan has published more than 150 books and novellas. A Printable Backlist is available at under the Books tab. 122 of these are available in ebook format, including her latest book, Thrill Me, a Fool's Gold romance. At readers' request, a checkbox is provided next to each book so you can mark off the ones you've read.
7.    Susan loves wine. (Okay, maybe that one doesn't surprise you. Chocolate probably won't be a shocker, either.)
8.    She'll send a map of Fool's Gold to any reader who wants one. Or rather, her assistant will, but with Susan's full approval. Details are on the Freebies page at
9.    Susan has a genuine Emmy. It was awarded to her father for technical achievement in lighting.
10.Susan believes that she can find inspiration for at least one book in every country song. Often, the inspiration doesn't come from the lyrics themselves, but rather from the emotions. This belief is one of the things that led her to write Hold Me, a Fool's Gold romance featuring Destiny Mills, who wrote songs in secret when the emotions became too strong to resist.
11.After one of her books has been out for about a year, Susan likes to listen to it on audio so she can learn from the experience. (She's always striving to make each book better than the last.) But she cannot stand to listen to her sex scenes. When they come on, she turns down the volume and hums to cover the sound.
12.Susan adores her readers. She has a group of 200 readers, the Review Crew, who get each of her books early and for free, as long as they agree to post two reviews online before a certain deadline. (That's not a typo… there are two hundred readers on the Susan Mallery Review Crew!) The only way to find out about the next Review Crew sign-up is to join the mailing list at

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Susan Mallery is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 150 novels, including the uber-popular Fool's Gold romances. Her latest book, Thrill Me, introduces the five fabulously sexy Mitchell brothers. Del Mitchell, the eldest, has just returned to his California hometown after making a fortune designing a sky surfboard that cemented his status as an extreme sports superstar. Visit Susan online at

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