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The Right Design - Review

Review by Marlene Engel

Carrie was excited to be celebrating her six year anniversary with her boyfriend, Roger.  Secretly she was hoping that a proposal was in store for their special night.  Deciding to do something completely out of character, she got dressed in sexy lingerie, high heels and topped it off with a trench coat.  She headed to the house that they shared to surprise him, but she was the one who got the surprise.  When she walked in, she found Roger in a compromised position with another woman!  Hurt and confused, she fled to her sister’s house.  But she knew that she couldn’t hide out there forever.  She knew that she needed a change.  A change that didn’t include staying in Texas.  That’s when she decided to pack up her things and move to Palm Beach, Florida.  She needed a new start, in a new town, where memories of Roger wouldn’t haunt her. 

Carrie was fortunate to land a job soon after her move.  But her luck seems to run out when she learns that her first client is the same drunken guy who was hitting on her the night before at the bar.  Determined to be the professional that she is, she dodges advances from him and keeps herself focused on business.  But the more time they spend together, the more she starts to see a different side of him.  His once ungentlemanly behavior has turned into something more desirable and sweet.  But is she ready to consider another romantic relationship so soon after the hurt that Roger has caused her? 

I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down.  It’s a fun, fast read with relatable characters and an amazing story!  It’s the perfect book to take to the beach or to read pool-side.  Much praise to Isabella Louise Anderson on her first novel.  I look forward to reading more of her books in the future!

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About the Author:
Isabella grew up with a book in her hand, and to this day nothing has changed. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and has been featured on several blogs. While Isabella doesn’t blog a lot, she focuses her time on featuring other writers, along with writing and editing.

Isabella Louise Anderson created Chick Lit Goddess to share the love of the following genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Romance, and Romantic Comedies!  She loves featuring authors and their books.

She lives in Dallas with her husband and cat. She enjoys spicy Mexican food and drinking margaritas, and can be found spending time with family and friends, cheering on the Texas Rangers, and reading.

Isabella’s short story, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, was featured in Simon & Fig’s Christmas anthology, Merry & Bright, in November 2013. The Right Design is her first novel.

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Chasing The Sun - Review

Review by Darcie Czajkowski

Andres Jimenez’s wife is gone. She’s left him for a second time, and this time she’s not coming back.

Andres finds a note in the mail from Marabella. This is it, he thinks. She’s gone forever. But instead of confirming that she left him, Andres is blindsided by the news that she was kidnapped. He is horrified. His hometown of Lima, Peru is notorious for kidnappings, sadistic people looking to pilfer money anywhere they can, regardless of who gets hurt. But Andres never thought it would happen to him. To his wife. To his family which includes his young daughter, Cynthia, and teenage son, Ignacio.

One million dollars. That’s the ransom price. How is he expected to come up with that amount of money? His printing business is successful by Peruvian standards, but he’s not a millionaire by American standards.

With the aid of a kidnapping consultant, Andres attempts to negotiate a lower price for his wife’s return, all the while wondering how he can put a price on her life. Adding to his mounting stress is the knowledge that he and his wife have been embroiled in a strained, distant marriage for some time now and he wonders: if she returns, will she just leave again, this time of her own volition and for good? Will his childhood best friend, Elena, be able to offer insight into Marabella’s experience given that she was kidnapped years prior?

Natalia Sylvester uses the vehicle of a kidnapping to delve into the inner workings of a troubled marriage. Even though I was perplexed by the blend of English and Spanish in the characters’ conversations in a Spanish-speaking country, I was captivated by the drama of how the negotiations would unspool and how the situation would affect Andres’s and Marabella’s marriage. Would Marabella be so violated and traumatized by the event that she would never be the same again? Would the event rekindle a common bond between them? Or perhaps she wouldn’t even make it back to her family alive? I voraciously read this book to learn how these issues would be resolved. While I was startled by the abruptness of the ending, I appreciate a believable, realistic conclusion which I believe is what I got. I recommend this book to lovers of literary fiction, those curious about Lima in the nineties during a time of political unrest, and those interested in a pleasurable amalgam of drama and suspense. A solid, satisfying first novel from Natalia Sylvester.

About the Author:
Born in Lima, Peru, Natalia Sylvester came to the U.S. at age four and grew up in South Florida, where she received a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Miami. A former magazine editor, she now works as a freelance writer in Austin, Texas. CHASING THE SUN, partially inspired by family events, is her first novel.

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The Pink Suit - Review

Review by Rachel Hamm

It’s the early 1960s and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy is the style icon of the decade.  Even after some bad publicity during her husband’s run for office (the amount of money she spent on foreign-made clothes didn’t exactly go over well), she’s still the woman the country looks to when determining fashion trends.  And Kate is the lucky seamstress at the fashionable copy-cat shop Chez Ninon who gets to make “The Wife’s” smart suits and gorgeous dresses.
For Kate, a single woman, an Irish immigrant, living in a quiet Catholic neighborhood in northern Manhattan, the Wife is her passion.  She keeps clippings of the outfits she’s made for her.  She copies the outfits for her sister, who is the same size as the Wife.  She gets the opportunity of a lifetime when the Husband places a direct order through Chez Ninon for a Chanel suit.  The infamous pink suit the Wife would be wearing when the Husband was assassinated.

As Kate prepares the suit, she deals with personal troubles of her own.  Falling in love and deciding if that is enough to get married to fellow Irish Catholic Patrick Harris.  Contemplating an offer to go into business with her mentor and leave the shop she’s dedicated years to.  Discovering her sister doesn’t actually like having replicas of the Wife’s clothes.  Through it all, the suit grounds her while also allowing her to live out a fantasy – one where the Wife is not an untouchable public figure, but the girl from County Cork who isn’t all that different from Kate herself.

After reading this, I felt like chastising myself for not reading more historical fiction.  The entire book was wonderfully done.  The period details were subtle and accurate and made me want to grab Doc Brown’s Delorian and head back in time.  Everything was simpler, the world slower, but fashion was having a revolution.

Kate loves her work.  She loves the fabrics and the tiny stitches, and the way garments can be designed to hide the flaws our bodies come by naturally.  I found myself really routing for Kate.  She was relatable in having this passion that made her a bit of an outcast in her neighborhood, and at times within her own family.

Her friend-turned-boyfriend, Patrick, is as adorable as possible.  A sweet Irish butcher who loved his mam and misses her now that she’s gone, does everything in his power to show Kate that despite what everyone else may think, he loves her and celebrates her passion for the Wife and the Suit (and whatever else she wants to be passionate about) – all he asks is she take an interest in his passion as well.  It’s a great message about love, which I found surprising given the time period of the novel.

I don’t dog-ear books.  It’s just not something I do.  But there was one particular passage of this book that HAD to be remembered.  Kate is thinking about her nephew and how he’ll be associated with her unique ways.

Poor Little Mike, Kate thought, but knew there were worse things in life than having an aunt who didn’t always obey the rules – like having an aunt who mindlessly obeyed them.  What a frightful way to be.

Maybe this struck me because I’m an aunt who doesn’t always follow the rules of how my family thinks I should act.  Or maybe because it just seemed to sum up the entire book so well.  Kate actually DOES do some mindless rule-following at her job – coming in early and staying late to complete orders that absolutely must be done – but throughout the story, we see her coming into her own.  Once she realizes that there are people who see her as something undesirable, she kinda lets loose.  She allows herself to be reckless.  She becomes that person who doesn’t mindlessly follow rules.

My one complaint about the book is that, because of the genre, it is light on dialogue.  This makes it move along a little more slowly than I prefer.  I didn’t get “sucked in.”  But I really enjoyed the story and the cast of characters and most definitely appreciated the way the story was told.  The actual pink suit is now an icon.  The (fictional) Pink Suit could very well become a classic.

About the Author:
Brought up in Florida, Kelby has worked as a reporter, editor and educator. Initially a playwright, she later turned to novels and short stories. She is the author of Murder at the Bad Girl’s Bar and Grill, Whale Season, In the Company of Angels, and Theater of the Stars.
Her short stories have appeared in many publications including Zoetrope All-Story Extra, One Story, Minnesota Monthly, Verb, and The Mississippi Review. One was recorded by actress Joanne Woodward for the NPR CD Travel Tales, and included in New Stories from the South: Best of 2006.
Kelby has been the recipient of a Bush Artist Fellowship in Literature, the Heekin Group Foundation’s James Fellowship for the Novel, both a Florida and Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship in fiction, two Jerome Travel Study Grants, and a Jewish Arts Endowment Fellowship. She was named "Outstanding Southern Artist" by The Southern Arts Federation and her work has been translated into several languages. She has been a Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Award finalist for fiction three times and placed twice in the Nelson Algren Award for the Short Story.

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The Matchmaker - Review

Review by Darcie Czajkowski
Dabney Kimball Beech lives and breathes Nantucket. No, she is Nantucket. Born on the island, she lived there her entire childhood, raised her daughter Agnes there, and plans to die there.

Dabney is a matchmaker. Not by trade, but by and because of love. She sees auras: rosy pink for “meant to be” and olive green for “utter failure, DO NOT GET MARRIED.” To her dismay, Agnes and her fiancĂ© CJ fall into the latter category. Agnes doesn’t want to hear this, even though Dabney has never been wrong when it comes to matchmaking. Forty-two successful couples have made for a pristine record.

Then there is Clendenin, Dabney’s “meant to be.” Or so she thought. They were a couple from the time he moved to the island when they were teenagers until he took a job in Asia twenty-seven years ago and left Dabney devastated but enough resigned to their impossible situation that she decided to raise her daughter – their daughter – alone. Now he is back on the island after losing his left arm in pursuit of a hot story. He’s back for Dabney. But Dabney has been married to a renowned economist for over twenty years, leaving her to wonder if she can possibly take Clen back.

But when an unexpected health problem blindsides Dabney, she sets about matchmaking her final couples, the people closest to her and whose happiness she is determined to ensure, and along with them, she must come to peace with her own.  

The Matchmaker is one of Elin Hilderbrand’s best novels, adroitly incorporating the dynamics of many types of relationships: mother-daughter, husband-wife, best friends, long-lost loves. While ultimately telling a heartbreaking story, the book shares an uplifting message of cherishing the ones you love and realizing that it’s never too late to find your happily-ever-after. This book is much more than a mere beach read. It’s a must-read – for any day of the week, any time of the year. I am eagerly awaiting the next one from Elin Hilderbrand.

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About the Author:
Elin Hilderbrand lives on Nantucket with her husband and their three young children. She grew up in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, and traveled extensively before settling on Nantucket, which has been the setting for her five previous novels. Hilderbrand is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the graduate fiction workshop at the University of Iowa.

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The Unimaginable - Cover Reveal

Title: The Unimaginable
Author: Dina Silver
Age Group: Adult 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Scheduled to release: October 28, 2014

"Dina Silver's deftly woven tale has all of my favorite fictional elements: romance, action and adventure, and a knock-your-socks-off ending. The Unimaginable is simply superb." ~ Tracey Garvis Graves, New York Times bestselling author of On the Island

From the author of One Pink Line comes a story about letting go of the past and finding bravery in the depths of fear. Set on the sun-soaked beaches of Thailand and the rough waters of the Indian Ocean, The Unimaginable paints a vivid portrait of a young woman on a journey to find herself—and her harrowing fight for survival.

After twenty-eight years of playing by the rules, Jessica Gregory moves from her small Indiana town to Phuket, Thailand. But her newfound routine is upended with the arrival of Grant Flynn, a captivating, elusive man who is sailing around the world while trying to move on from a past tragedy. Jessica volunteers to help crew Grant’s boat, Imagine, on a passage across the Indian Ocean and finds herself falling in love with him as the voyage gets underway. But when disaster strikes, Jessica must summon her courage as the crew is confronted by unspeakable terrors––and, aboard a boat named for such promise, comes the unimaginable.

His hand and fingers were slowly caressing my right arm just above the elbow, and every time he paused my heart would skip a beat. I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to muster the strength to lift my head and look him in the eyes. I wanted to know that things were good between us and there were no hard feelings. His eyes would give me the answers. The eyes always say more than the mouth.

I shifted my body toward him ever so slightly, curling myself even further into his embrace. He tightened his grip on me and then continued to move his hand up and down, rubbing away the chills. I closed my eyes, counted to ten, then opened them and lifted my chin. He immediately looked down at me, stopped moving his hand, and squeezed hard, forcing the tips of his fingers into my arm. I froze. He studied my eyes and then looked away, loosening his grip.

My breathing intensified as I brought my hand to his cheek, brushing my thumb across his stubble and turning his face back to mine. He shifted his body, threaded his fingers through my hair, and rested them at the base of my neck. Just as I inhaled, he bent down and pressed his lips to mine. First, hard and firm, then soft and exploratory as he parted my lips with his tongue. My head went back, and my body fell forward into his arms as his hands tugged at my hair and the back of my shirt.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered.

“Yes,” he said without a second thought.

He was lifting my legs up onto the bench under the weight of his body when we heard someone cough.

About the Author:
Dina Silver is an author, a wine drinker, and an excellent parallel parker. She is the author of Kat Fight, Finding Bliss, and One Pink Line, which was chosen as a 2012 Top Title by IndieReader and was a finalist in their 2012 Discovery Awards. She lives with her husband, son, and twenty-pound tabby cat in suburban Chicago. She’d prefer to live where it’s warm year round, but then she’d never stay home and write anything.

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A Moral Dilemma - Excerpt & Giveaway

Think you would never date a married man? ... Think again! 

Rebecca Hardy isn't a naturally deceptive person, but it seems her boyfriend might be—and when she theatrically catches him cheating, she decides she’s had it with these modern-day men who can’t commit. She has even less regard for these immoral modern day women, who don’t hesitate to prey on men in committed relationships. What is wrong with them?! Don't they care that they're breaking hearts and destroying lives?! Rebecca, with her high morals and family values, would never even consider dating a married man. Which is why her friends are so shocked when Rebecca finds herself doing exactly that—albeit at the fervent request of that man’s very own wife, the notorious Isabella Coombs. 

At first, Rebecca likes to think of it as helping someone out—female camaraderie, and all that. But she doesn't expect Isabella’s husband to be quite so charming…or for things to go quite so far. 

AmazonUSA * AmazonUK

Wheelers, was an average enough, discreet British pub, on an average enough discreet City street, and was also Jeremy’s choice location for a not so discreet illicit tryst.
“Look, would you be ordering something or not lass?” the barman asked me with a slight Irish accent.
Shoo shoo shoo I had wanted to say, but for fear of him drawing any more attention to me, and in light of the fact that he was actually blocking my view of Jeremy and Miss Thingy, I quickly deduced that I had in fact better order something. “Coke please,” I snapped off, throwing down a fiver.
“Diet or regular?”
Oh for chrissakes, will you just move! Aargh! “Regular!”
“No!” rolling my eyes. He actually seemed to be enjoying this little exchange. Maybe he knew Jeremy and knew what both he and I were up to?! No. Not possible.
“Look, can you get me a coke or not?” I hissed.
“OK, OK, keep yer knickers on,” he said smiling cheekily and finally turned to go get me a drink. I quickly realigned myself to get a better view over the bar and through the window to the courtyard where Jeremy, the bastard, and Thingy were sitting extremely close to each other and laughing easily at this point. Still not incriminating evidence, but the night was young. I saw Jeremy lean into her and started talking into her ear. I would’ve said ‘whispering’ but he didn’t know how to whisper sweet nothings at the best of times let alone after he’d had a few, which by the way his face was flushed and his tie, usually perfectly positioned, was loosened and off centre, he obviously had.
“There you go now. Coke and change,” said the barman. I ignored him and continued fidgeting with my camcorder, hidden behind by handbag, whilst still keeping a sharp eye on the fornicators. “Pity you don’t get to catch the conversation with those things from a distance.”
“Excuse me?!”
“You need to get up real close to them to record conversation.”
“I haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re talking about,” I said turning beetroot, and started to scuffle about with the camcorder, desperately trying to stuff it back into my bag.
“Oh,” he leaned back comfortably against the bar, folded up his arms and nodded toward Jeremy and Thingy. “I thought for a sec you were spying on that pair.”
“I beg your pardon?!” trying my best to sound alarmed but at the same time careful not to draw any attention to myself…
“Oh, it’s no skin off my nose either way,” he said, “but let’s assume you were spying on that pair.”
“Which I am most definitely not!” I said furiously, whilst still trying to shove my camcorder back into my bag, but what, with my current state of panic and the fact that every time my head bent down my wig was starting to slip forward, I couldn’t quite manage it.
“Ah, but, if you were, you’d be doing it all wrong.” I looked up at him from under the fringe of my wig. “You’re too far away to even know what’s going on.”
“As I’ve already told you, I am not spying on anyone. But IF I were, I am able to see quite clearly exactly what’s going on.”
“Ah jaysus, you can’t tell a thing from what you see. They could just be having a great crack, with nothin’ in it at all.”
“Oh he’s having a crack all right.” I slumped on the bar, completely fed up, with the camcorder sticking out recklessly from my bag. I’d given up trying to tuck it away, just as I’d given up trying to film them. He was right of course. The barman. The footage I’d so painstakingly gathered proved nothing at all. Jeremy would be able to talk his way out of this one in a nano-second, and I knew that I’d believe whatever he would tell me, as per usual, because although I had doubts, many, many doubts, I never ever had any real concrete evidence of any disloyalty. We watched them silently for a few seconds, but when Jeremy slipped his hand up Miss Thingy’s skirt and started talking into her ear again, I just squeezed my eyes shut so I wouldn’t have to see, and so the barman couldn’t see the tears of humiliation that were starting to well up.
“Look, just pass it here,” he said reaching out his hand to me.
“The camcorder. I’ll get up close and record what they’re saying for yer.” I gave an incredulous stare and opened my mouth to say something, then as if on autopilot, I handed him the camcorder. “Ah, you can thank me later,” he said with a wink. And was off. Headed in their direction with the camcorder hidden underneath a bar towel on a tray. My heart started hammering against my ribcage and I wanted to dive under the bar and hide as he got to their table and started hovering, collecting glasses, wiping, and re-placing ashtrays. I half expected Jeremy to look up and wave at me but he didn’t even notice the barman floating around. Too engrossed in impressing Miss Thingy, which by the way she was giggling and batting her false eye lashes at each word he uttered, seemed easy enough to do.

About the Author:
Luckily I was born and raised in a City I love living in: London, UK. And it’s just as well, as I can barely afford to go on a camping holiday much less move. I have a gorgeous 9yr old daughter, yeah, I’m a single mom, (judge me later), and I like to think of myself as a yummy mummy, when in reality I’m still working on shifting this damn cellulite of my ass. I do actually make it into the gym from time to time, but mainly to appreciate the…ahem …view :)

So what kinda stuff do I write?
Well, I write what I love reading, Romantic Comedy and the original kinda British ChickLit. I don’t do vampires, werewolves, or horror, because sheesh, I wanna sleep at night. In my bed. Not underneath it. So if you like Bridget Jones or Shopaholic, then you might dig my stuff.

My heroines are women in their late twenties / early thirties. My heroes are hot, cute and not too hunky. My stories are about life, love and friendship, with a few twists and turns and tons of fun. They’re not particularly deep, nor meaningful, they’re a lighthearted, easy read, that go well with a glass of wine and a few chocs, and just might make you laugh out loud.

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Guarding Hearts - Review

Guarding Hearts
Author LL Collins
Released May 23, 2014
Ellis Warner is a police officer, everyone’s friend and every girl’s fantasy- funny, dedicated, and too good looking for his own good. Thanks to a childhood he would rather forget and a young adulthood riddled with mistakes, he knows that no one can ever find out who he really is. He lives his life pretending to be the guy everyone sees on the outside. The one thing he knows for sure is that he can’t be serious with anyone. When he takes a second job as security for a new country star coming into town, he has no idea how that one decision will change his entire life and expose everything he has worked so hard to bury.
Samantha Kerrigan won a nationwide contest that immediately forces her into the spotlight. Her dreams of being a successful country singer have come true, but dreams always come with a price. While going out on her first tour, a stalker’s advances threaten her safety, forcing her team to hire more protection.
The second she meets Ellis, she knows there’s something about him and immediately makes him her private bodyguard. But he’s determined just to do his job, and she’s determined to make him open up. When her life is threatened and his secrets are exposed, will Ellis be able to guard Sam from danger, and his heart from her?
Review by Darcey Pickett
Engaging, thrilling, sexy and fun…

Samantha Kerrigan in thrust into the spotlight as all her dreams of becoming a country comes true.  But nothing comes without a price.   She is a beautiful young talent, who ends up needing the protection of Ellis.  

Ellis Warner, wow, what is hotter than a police man and one with a heart of gold as well.  Life for Ellis was never easy; he lives with a secret and tries to maintain an image.  He is brought into Samantha’s life as her body guard, a job he takes seriously, but Samantha has a way about her and she is determined to find out who the real Ellis truly is.

This emotional roller coaster we are riding with the characters was thrilling; I found myself complete “in” this story and never knew what was going to happened next.  Guarding Hearts is part of the Living Again series, you could read it as a stand-alone, but this book along with Living Again and Reaching Rachel are bound to be some of the best reading you have ever done!

Ms. Collins has proven herself again with this incredible story, mystery, intrigue, engaging characters and of course our much needed happy ending.  This book had me from page one and certainly kept me up well past my bed time.  She from her very first book of Living Again has made me a fan for life.  Ms. Collins, whatever you do, for the sake of your fans - keep on writing.
Young attractive woman chilling at the tourist resort
tasmin teaser 2
Buy the book
About The Author
LL Collins is a teacher who loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and boys, reading, and writing. Her love of writing has found a home in the self-publishing world. Living Again and Reaching Rachel are available on Amazon Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks, in both eBook and paperback. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out and start writing and try to make her lifelong dreams of becoming an author come true. She has been a teacher for over ten years, a wife for 14, and a mom to two boys, 12 and 10.



Push Girl - Review & Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel

Kara seems to have everything going for her.  She’s popular, has an amazing boyfriend and loves to dance.  One night, when she sees another girl flirting with her boyfriend, she storms out and goes for a drive.  But her life changes forever when a drunk driver slams into her.  The next thing she knows, she is laying in a hospital bed wondering why she can’t feel her legs.  Now paralyzed, she has to learn to deal with her disability.  With her life all planned out and focused around dance, she needs to figure out what she is going to do with her life now that dance is no longer an option.  Throughout the book, you will go on an emotional journey as Kara learns to deal with and accept her new life, the highs, the lows, the struggles and the triumphs. 

Although I don’t tend to read or review young adult books, I felt that the message this one portrays is one worthy of discussion.  As a mother to three young adults, something unfortunate as what happened to Kara, is something that’s always in the back of my mind.  No matter how responsible or careful one is, you have no control over others on the road.  It broke my heart that she had to go through such a struggle, but I found myself rooting for her emotional and physical acceptance and future success. 

Although this book is fictitious, it was inspired by the true story of co-author, Chelsie Hill.  She writes from the heart with such raw emotion and feelings that you feel like you’re living the story along with her.   This book isn’t just for those living with a disability, but anyone who can relate to having your life change in an instant. 
About the Authors:
CHELSIE HILL was a high school senior when she was driven home by a friend who had been drinking. Their SUV veered off the road and crashed into a tree, snapping Chelsie’s back and paralyzing her from the waist down. With her father, she went on to establish a nonprofit foundation, The Walk and Roll Foundation, to aid people with spinal cord injuries.

Connect with Chelsie at:
JESSICA LOVE is a middle school English teacher who lives in Southern California with her husband and their two tiny dogs. She's working on her Master's Degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Spalding University, and her big love is contemporary YA romance. Jessica spends all of her free money on concerts, constantly tries to prove that blondes have more fun, and is pretty much always on the internet. 

Co-written with Chelsie Hill from Sundance Channel's reality TV show Push Girls, Jessica's debut novel PUSH GIRL is out June 3, 2014 from St. Martin's/Thomas Dunne. IN REAL LIFE, a story about online friendship and love, comes out in 2015. 

Connect with Jessica at:

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