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The One That Got Away - Review & Giveaway

Review by KT Sullivan
Sarina Mahler had a one night stand with Eamon Roy, her friend Danny’s friend. He still haunts her dreams even though she’s engaged to Noah. A former Olympic swimmer, Eamon was in a bad car accident. He’s now moving back to Austin to work on promoting the sport.

Sarina is an architect and renovates older homes. Her stepfather, John, taught her how to spot a keeper and do the work herself. Danny suggests she help Eamon find a house. She wants to, but feels unfaithful to Noah who’s busy travelling the world and planning their future. He finds her profession expendable when they have children.

Sarina tries to concentrate on her business, but loses an important contract. Noah reminds her that once they’re married, her job will be secondary. All comes to a screeching halt when John suddenly dies. Sarina attends the memorial service and hears what a wonderful friend and neighbor John was to all. She goes back to his house, thinks about her mother, and what would make her happy.

Sarina is forced to pick one of the men in her life. Was falling in or out of love ever easy?

I liked Eamon and Sarina as a couple. Both have been disappointed and set low expectations for a relationship. They fall in love in spite of themselves. Everyone has searched the name of a former flame. The Internet makes all past loves come back to life. Searching for someone is easier and more painful. Many questions unanswered and wrong and right choices made.

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“12 Things About Bethany”

1. I have the world's smallest tattoo. My first year in design school, I accidentally stabbed my finger with a drawing pen, and the little black dot is still there.

2. My favorite song to sing at karaoke is Jamie O'Neal's "There Is No Arizona." I also love singing Heart, Journey, Pat Benetar and Foreigner. I look like a quiet girl but I can whale on a mic like it's my job.

3. I have a serious shoe addiction. Will not disclose the number of pairs I own.

4. The word "balls" unfailingly makes me laugh.

5. Tina Fey is the closest I have to an idol. 

6. Getting assigned a nickname by a friend or coworker makes me unreasonably happy.

7. I've been known to huff the leather samples at work. (This phenomenon is related to the shoe addiction.)

8. I am 100% a mountain person, not a beach person. One of the best feelings on earth is being northbound on the interstate on my way to the Catskills. 

9. I studied in England for my junior year of college, and never really got over it. I'd move back in a heartbeat if anybody ever gave me a reason.

10. Subway etiquette infractions still annoy me even though I've been living in New York for 15 years. You'd think I'd be used to it by now... but no.

11. I didn't watch much TV growing up, which has resulted in huge (and, apparently, appalling) gaps in my pop culture knowledge which my husband has taken it upon himself to rectify. 

12. I believe leopard print is a neutral.

About the Author:
After growing up in the foothills of the Northern Virginia Blue Ridge, I headed to Williams College for a degree in English. Only in the spring of my senior year did I begin to consider how exactly I might earn money with a degree in English. And this gave rise to the logical answer: interior design!

I've been working in the architecture & design industry for over eight years now, but when I'm not hanging out with mess-makers and paint-slingers, I'm writing. And when I'm not writing, I enjoy photography, karaoke, and complaining about being flat-chested.

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