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What do you do when your husband of 18 years tells you that he’s leaving you for another woman?  First you panic and then you start thinking up stressipes.  It’s amazing all of the dessert recipes one creates when stressed out!  But, when the going gets tough, Ruby McMillan gets baking!
Ruby is the owner of the Muffin Top bakery.  It’s a small, cozy bakery located in Downtown Pelican Point.  Ever since Ruby was little, she knew she wanted to open up her own bakery.  Even at a young age she had everything picked out for her future bakery … right down to the plum colored napkins.  The only thing she didn’t anticipate was for her sales to start flagging.  But Ruby can’t focus on that now.  She’s still trying to figure out how she’s going to raise her two children alone, pay her mortgage and keep her bakery from going under.  Not to mention she has become a pariah of sorts in her community.  After word that Walter had left Ruby (Read:  Walter plastered it all over Facebook) and is traveling around the world with his soul mate, the group of Pelican Point ladies (that Ruby had socialized with since her kids were in preschool) were no longer interested in Ruby being a part of their circle.  

Thankfully Ruby has the bakery to keep her mind off of the drama that has suddenly consumed her life.  She agrees to teach a baking class to increase her diminishing funds, while also hesitantly allowing her daughter to give her a confidence boosting make-over.  Throughout all of this, Ruby manages to catch the eye of her mortgage broker, Jacob Salt, who happens to be one yummy looking specimen!  But is it too soon for her to start seeing another man? 

What does Ruby do when life hands her lemons?  She makes a lemon meringue pie, of course!  Come join Ruby as she ditches “rational” Ruby and discovers how delicious life can be when you live outside of the box a bit. 

Sweet Nothings is such a deliciously fun book!  I really enjoyed the story, thought the characters were fun and relatable and thoroughly enjoyed the humor!  You know a book is good when you lock yourself in the bathroom just so you can read a few more pages uninterrupted!  I can’t think of one thing that I didn’t like, or would have changed, about this book.  From the first to the last page, it was a delectable read!  I would definitely recommend this book to others.  It has all of the elements that I look for in a book … a great storyline, fun characters, romance, yummy desserts and lots of laughs!  I love, love, LOVE this book!  Sweet Nothings by Janis Thomas is definitely worthy of a five out of five star rating!


Where did you come up with the premise for Sweet Nothings?  
I've been making cakes, cookies and desserts for a very long time, and for years, I've had it in my mind to tell a story about a baker.  It's funny; I cannot draw at all. If you asked me to sketch a lion or a car, the resulting picture would look like it had been done by a five year old...Actually, a five year old would probably laugh hysterically at my drawing. But I can make a cake look like almost anything. And the creative process is hypnotic, meditative and joyful. I thought about my main character a lot while I was baking. For Ruby, baking is the one place where she can let herself go, open herself up, and find joy.

Check out some of Janis' yummy creations in this video!

Describe Sweet Nothings in three words. 
Three words? Yikes. You can tell by my last answer that I am not very economical with words! LOL! To my delight, others have described Sweet Nothings as "witty, poignant, and delicious." In three words, I would say "Makes you crave sweets." Wait, that was four words, right?...Oh, well. I was never very good at math!

Are any of the characters in Sweet Nothing based on real people?
None of the characters in Sweet Nothings are based on real people, but as with all of my main characters, some of me seeps into Ruby. Also, Izzy is completely fictitious, except that she is an amazing friend. I happen to be blessed with incredible friends who are always there for me, just as Izzy is for Ruby. 

Ruby, one of the main characters in the book, doesn't believe in fairy tale romances.  Do you believe in them? 
I have always believed in fairy tale romance. I still believe in them, which is why I'm certain I'm going to end up with Hugh Jackman. (Sorry, honey!)

What can we expect next from Janis Thomas? 
I've just finished polishing the manuscript for my third book--also humorous women's fiction and connected to Sweet Nothings and Something New. We'll be sending it out soon, so let's keep our fingers crossed!

 For more on Janis, visit her website at or her blog, Anonymous Soccer Mom, at

Here is a beautiful picture of Janis at a signing for her first book, Something New. Her mom recently passed away and she carries a photo with her where ever she goes.  Our condolences go out to Janis and her family.

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