Friday, December 19, 2014

Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake - Review

Review by Marlene Engel

On the outside, Tamsin’s life seems to be perfect.  She has an amazing husband, two great kids, a home in a prestigious neighborhood and more money than even she knows what to do with.  But it doesn’t stop her from trying to spend as much as she can, as she upholds her social image, with the best of the best that only money can buy.  But as she’s putting together her all-white Christmas extravaganza, in hopes of topping last year’s and out-doing her neighbors, some unexpected visitors stop by and her world gets turned upside down.  Expecting it to be her husband walking through the door, Tamsin gets the surprise of her life when she comes face-to-face with bailiffs that have come to repossess the house.  And, with her husband nowhere to be found, Tamsin is left to pick up the pieces by herself.  Thank goodness for Tamsin’s sister, Sam, who steps up to help her out and be her rock throughout this whole ordeal. 
Snow Angels, Secrets & Christmas Cake is a touching, laugh out loud story that shows the bond of two sisters, the important things in life and who’s really there for you when the chips are down.  With a fun story, witty characters and lots of holiday cheer, this is the perfect book to get you in the holiday spirit. 

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About the Author: 
I was a journalist on women’s magazines and national newspapers before leaving it all behind for a career in TV. As a producer with the BBC I worked on garden makeovers, kitchen takeovers and daytime sofas – all the time making copious notes so that one day I might escape to the country and turn it all into a book.  After much deliberation and copious consumption of cake, I left my life in TV to write.

Originally from Manchester, Sue now lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Worcestershire. When she's not toiling over her latest novel, Sue can be found enjoying large bags of chicken crisps, large tubs of Caramel Chew Chew ice cream and 'The Biggest Loser USA' on series link.

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