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Rome In Love - Review, 12 Things About ... & Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel
Cast as the lead role of Audrey Hepburn in the remake of Roman Holiday, Amelia Tate will be spending the next two months in Rome.  Although a dream come true, her acting career has put a strain on her relationship. 

Jetlagged and having consumed too much champagne, Amelia is eager to get out of her gown and walk the streets of Rome.  Knowing that the paparazzi will be hot on her heels, she changes out of her fancy clothes and into a maid’s uniform to go incognito. 

While out, she meets an American journalist named Philip.  Withholding her true identity, she allows him to believe that she is a maid.  It’s after their paths continue to cross, and her boyfriend’s surprise visit ends with an ultimatum of her having to choose her career or her relationship, Amelia starts to develop feelings for Philip.  Wanting to reveal her true identity, but never finding the right time, she continues her deceit.  But Philip isn’t without fault.  He too is holding back truths from Amelia. 

Sophie is a princess who has snuck away from her royal family and is spending six weeks living a normal life.  She, too, is actively avoiding any recognition and engrossing herself in her short-lived freedom.  Arranged to be married, she is surprised with the feelings she’s starting to develop for a handsome doctor that she befriends.  Caught between wanting to do right by her family and following her heart, Sophie is at a cross roads. 

With a cast of amazing characters, a storyline that will have you fully enthralled and set in the luxurious city of Rome, Anita Hughes takes you on an amazing voyage.  Destined to be the top summer read, this book is sure to please!

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“12 Things About Anita Hughes”

1) I live at the beach. This is probably one of the things that make me happiest. I love seeing the ocean when I walk.

2) I adore frozen yogurt - my whole family does so it is a daily ritual to get frozen yogurt after dinner.

3) I studied French in college and read all the great nineteenth century French authors.

4) My favorite author of all time is Somerset Maugham. I think you can learn everything you need to know from his books.

5) My second favorite author is probably George Eliot. I remember reading The Mill on The Floss in college and being mesmerized.

6) I love coffee - so I would be happy spending all my time sitting at an outdoor cafe in Rome, drinking espresso and people watching.

7) I wear flip-flops most of the time but I do love a beautiful pair of shoes.

8) I grew up in Sydney, Australia - near Bondi Beach. (another wonderful beach).

9) My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn. I watched all her movies to research Rome In Love and especially loved Roman Holiday and Two For The Road.

10) My favorite actor is Cary Grant. He has the most amazing voice.

11) I have five children.

12) And of course, I love chocolate. Who doesn't?

About the Author:
Anita Hughes was born in Sydney, Australia and had a charmed childhood that included petting koala bears, riding the waves on Bondi Beach, and putting an occasional shrimp on the barbie. Her writing career began at the age of eight, when she won a national writing contest in THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper, and was named "One of Australia's Next Best Writers." (She still has the newspaper clipping.)

She received a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from Bard College, and attended UC Berkeley's Masters in Creative Writing program.

She lives in Dana Point, CA with her family, where she interrupts her writing to watch the glorious sunsets.

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