Friday, February 13, 2015

A Collector of Affections - Review & Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel
Leah’s in need of some much needed soul searching.  Since her divorce, she’s enjoyed the company of several men; has had laughs, some great sex and was even engaged.  But Leah’s life has become a bit stale and she’s hoping that a trip to Spain is just what she needs to give it a kick-start. 

On the flight to Spain, Leah bonds with her seatmate, Miguel.  A native Spaniard whose conversation catches her attention immediately.  Although marriage is not a road that Leah anticipates travelling again, the thought of this man potentially being her soulmate is somewhat intriguing to her.  But she will learn that the person she thinks may be the perfect man, may not be so perfect after all. 

A book about rediscovery of one’s self and not having to conform to the middle aged norms, A Collector of Affections takes you on a journey of one woman’s quest to have her perfect life in an imperfect world.

What a treat this book was.  The setting was perfect, the emotions so real and the story so relatable.  No matter if you are middle aged or not, this book will resonate with just about anybody!  It is definitely the perfect read for this Valentine’s Day!

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About the Author:
Judith Glynn never intended to become a dedicated writer when she chose a nighttime creative-writing class over belly dancing. She simply wanted a distraction from her disintegrating marriage. Her first assignment – Confidence. That’s all You Need in Life – received a D. But her passion for the craft ignited her soul and innate talent, enough to take her on a successful writing journey for three decades and counting.

Her travel-writing specialty surfaced after a trip to Ireland and subsequent publication in The Washington Post. That and numerous articles led to a five-year, monthly shopping column in The Chicago Sun Times and other newspapers. Spain eventually became a focus and where her discerning writer’s eye captured the local flavor. However, after hours logged in flight and new destinations produced only a nonchalant shrug, she closed her notebook to build a successful entrepreneurial career in New York City. But she still wrote because life wasn’t complete without writing a story – if only for herself.
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