Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Sweetheart Deal - #SRC2016 Review

As a firefighter, Leo knows that his life is at risk every day that he goes to work.  The possibility that something could happen to him is so real that, on several occasions, he has joked with his best friend about marrying his wife if anything should happen to him.  One night, after several drinks, Leo gets Garrett to agree to this arrangement.  He’s not anticipating something happening, but in the event that something does he’ll be able to go knowing that his family is taken care of. 

Several years later Leo is killed in a skiing accident.  True to his word, Garrett makes arrangements to be with Leo’s widow, Audrey.  In time, friendship turns into romance, but when Audrey gets wind of the pact that the two men made, she’s less than happy about why he came into her life. 

It’s always amazing to me the lengths that we’ll go for our friends.  Many of us don’t stop and think about the love that friends (especially male friends) share.  In this book, that is the relationship that struck me the most.  To know that you have a friend who will not only be there for you during the good times in your life, but to fulfill their promises after you leave this world, is a beautiful thing.

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Polly Dugan lives in Portland, Oregon, and is a reader at Tin House magazine. A former employee of Powell's Books, she is an alumna of the Tin House Writer's Workshop. Dugan's first published story, "A Matter of Time," was Line Zero's Spring 2012 Literary Contest Winner, "Masquerades" (as "One At a Time"), was Narrative's Story of the Week (December 2012), and "Kitten Season" was an Honorable Mention Recipient in Glimmer Train's Short Story Award for New Writers (August 2009).

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