Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Measure of Happiness - Review & Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel
Since Celeste’s parents left Hidden Harbor, Katherine has been like a mother to her.  The owner of Lamontagne’s Bakery, Katherine thought she might take an early retirement and sell the bakery to Celeste.  But when she has a change of heart, Celeste takes off to New York to start a new chapter in her life.  When that doesn’t work out for her, she makes her way back to Hidden Harbor, tail between her legs, and back at the bakery again. 

When Zach walks through the bakery doors, Katherine looks like she’s seen a ghost.  She can’t believe that the baby she gave up so many years ago is in her store.  However, neither of them let on that they know who the other is.  Instead Zach acts as if he’s there to apply for a job.  And, to the surprise of Celeste, Katherine actually hires him.  It’s when she looks at the birthdate he puts on the job application that it confirms that he indeed is her son. 

Both Katherine and Celeste have endured heartache in the past.  But it’s not until Zach comes into their lives that he helps them to heal and laugh again.  A story equally heartwarming and emotional, A Measure of Happiness is what amazing stories are made of.  It’s a story about life choices, family, facing your fears and searching for things missing in one’s life. 

Lorrie Thomson does an amazing job taking serious subject such as abandonment, adoption and date rape and turning them into a story you won’t soon forget.  Full of relatable characters, a storyline so powerful that it will grab hold of you from the first page, and so much emotion that it oozes off the pages, A Measure of Happiness is a must read for all.

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About the Author:
I grew up as an only child in the city of Boston and dreamed of living with a big family in an antique white New Englander, on a quiet street with neighbors who stopped for chats at the stonewall. I also dreamed of writing novels for a living. Let’s just say, if I’d known the power of visualization, I would’ve thrown in a mountain view. I’m working on it.

When my youngest child was three, I decided to pursue the writing dream for real, and got down to the hard work of putting words to paper. Three novels, and a mere ten years later, I got “the call” from my wonderful agent, telling me we had an offer for my debut novel and making my author dream come true.

I now live in New Hampshire with my husband and our three children. When I’m not reading, writing, or hunting for collectibles, they let me tag along for camping adventures, day-long paddles, and hikes up 4,000-footers, so I can get a taste of that coveted mountain-view.

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