Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Smart One - Review

Review by Darcey Pickett

We follow the journey of the family from the “how’s and whys” they ended up back at home with their parents.  We see how quickly the sibling can revert back to teenage girls and see Max and Cleo go through some life altering changes.  
Empty Nest…not so much.  Weezy and Will thought they were going to enjoy the next stages in their life, when life decides to throw them a curve ball.  Suddenly they find themselves with a house full of their three adult children.

Weezy, mother of the three children, and married to Will.  Has had life turn out better for her than ever expected.  

Claire, the middle child has had her world crumble around her.  Her boyfriend called off their wedding, moved out of their shared apartment, and she has burned through all her cash and has found herself buried in credit card debt.  With no other option she moves home.

Martha, the oldest child, is still living at home with her parents.  She had a great career as a nurse, but the stress and anxiety became too much and she left it all behind, moved back home and works retail.

Max, the youngest, preparing to graduate from college with his girlfriend Cleo by his side.  This young couple finds themselves having to move into the basement of Max’s parent house.

I found this book to be several layered stories within from the perspective of four women in the family – Weezy, Cleo, Claire and Martha.  It was interesting to read the book from the perspective of several members of the family.  I certainly could relate to the sibling relationships and how differently each person can view life events.  Ms. Close nails family dysfunction on the head and I completely enjoyed knowing that “I” wasn’t alone when it comes to family dynamics and dysfunction.  With the holidays coming where you are bound to be spending some bit of time with your family, I highly recommend this read!

About the author:
Jennifer Close was born and raised on the North Shore of Chicago.  She is a graduate of Boston College and received her MFA in Fiction Writing from The New School in 2005.  She worked in New York in magazines for many years and now lives in Washington, DC, where she teaches creative writing at George Washington University.

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