Tuesday, April 11, 2017

White Sand, Blue Sea - Pub Week Review & Giveaway

Review by Melinda Garza
Olivia is a young lady who is soon turning twenty-five. She is the daughter of Hadley and Felix. Felix is her step-father who, without reservation, has raised her as his own from a very young age. Every year they spend time at their lovely plantation style villla in St. Bart's. This year is somewhat special though as she will be celebrating her birthday there.  Not only is Olivia celebrating her birthday, she is also anticipating getting engaged. Her boyfriend’s name is Finn. He is a Princeton graduate and is set to propose this year. Not only is April 25th Olivia's birthday but it is also her mom's birthday and the day her mom and biological father got divorced.

Olivia's dad is named Sebastian. He walked out of their Morningside Heights apartment 20 years prior. He has not seen Olivia since. He is a famous painter and travels the world painting and living a selfish life. Despite that, every year Hadley invites Sebastian to come celebrate Olivia's birthday but never shows. Instead, she receives a letter or gift from him letting her know where he has been and such. This year, Sebastian turns up in St. Bart's unannounced. He is confident, charming, lights up a room, and has a way with words. Olivia is so excited to finally be getting to know her father but somehow changes the dynamics of the entire vacation.

Anita Hughes wrote a page turner. I could not get enough of all the characters. They are so colorful and she makes you love each one for their own reasons. What ends up happening in St. Bart's?  Could Olivia really forgive her dad for showing up 20 years later after he has been globetrotting around the world? What transcends between them?  Is he the father she longed for? Does their relationship put a strain on the other relationships such as Olivia's and Finn's or Sebastian's and Hadley's? Does Olivia get her happily ever after?  Read White Sand, Blue Sea, A St. Bart's Love Story to find out. This is a definite escape and such a great beach read.  The adventure is indulgent.

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Anita Hughes was born in Sydney, Australia. At the age of eight, she won first prize in a nationwide writing contest sponsored by THE AUSTRALIAN, Australia's most prestigious newspaper. She graduated from Bard College with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing, and attended UC Berkeley's Masters in Creative Writing Program. She lives at The St. Regis Monarch Beach, where she is at work on her next novel.

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