Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Divided by Livia Jamerlan - Cover and Q&A

Alani LaBelle has it all, great job, amazing friends, and a loving fiancĂ©. Traveling to Las Vegas with her girlfriends for her bachelorette party was supposed to be a fun girl’s weekend. She never expected on her last night in Las Vegas her path would cross with Ryan Kraft. A complete gentleman who is also sweet, kind and extremely sexy. The sexual chemistry she feels for him is undeniable. Though it is only a few hours they share she feels a connection with him. Thinking it may be cold feet she brushes it off and tries to focus on her loving fiancĂ© Marco.

Days before her wedding days she calls it off as her world gets ripped apart. 

Needing to escape her reality she travel to Grand Forks North Dakota the place Ryan is from. She tries to convince herself and her friends that she isn't going there for him, but she is relived when their paths cross again.

A friendship between Ryan and Alani grows rapidly. Innocent at first but always pushing for more. As she is ready to come home, their friendship take a turn when Ryan asks her to stay with him. As they journey together in a new relationship Alani has to adapt to life in a new city, new job, as well as dealing with Ryan's ex-girlfriend Stephanie who is waiting for the perfect moment to get Ryan back.

Will Alani's love for Ryan be enough for her to stay with him through turmoil? Will Ryan have room in his heart for her love? Will he have time for their relationship with what life throws at him?

When did you know you wanted to become an author?
To be honest, I can’t really answer that. Never in a million years did I ever think I would write a book. I kept journals throughout my life, but just as a way to vent and get my feelings across, or as a way to reflect on my day. A little over three years ago, I began to read any book that was suggested to me as a good romance novel.  After a couple of recommendations, I began to read four to five books a week.  An idea for a book popped into my head, which was different than “Divided”.  I shared it with a friend and she suggested that I put it down on paper. At first, it was supposed to be for fun and a way to relax, but when the idea of “Divided” began to develop, I could not stop writing.  This is when I knew I wanted to become an author.

Where did you come up with the premise for your book?
I was stuck in traffic in New York City, when the story came to me. I, like Alani in the book, went to Las Vegas for my bachelorette party. I met a variety of different people and listened to their love stories. Each one more fascinating then the other from there I could no longer control it, the story formed, the characters came to me, and I began to write.

Describe your book in three words.
Struggle from within.

Three reasons people should read your book?
One, I poured my heart into this book, living and breathing for my characters until I was able to finish their story. Two, I feel that this book is different from others.  It may seem like a love triangle at first but there are twists that I think will have readers turning page after page.  Three, the storyline is inspired by people in my life and the events in the book are relatable to anyone who is reading it. I hope that everyone will go on the same roller coaster ride I did while writing it.

What can your readers expect next from you?
Before I started to write “Divided”, I was working on a book that I was never able to finish. It’s been a bit of a challenge with working on the edits for “Divided”.  Now that “Divided” is done, I am focusing on completing my other book, which I hope to release by early 2014. 

Livia Jamerlan is a hopeless romantic she is always looking for her next love story to pop in her head. Though Livia kept a journal throughout her early life, she never thought about pursuing a career in writing, she always used it for a form of therapy, pouring her heart out into words. It wasn’t until a story developed in her head that she decided that maybe she could write a book. At first it was just an escape from reality but now she use it as a power to put all her feelings, hopes, and fears on paper. Deciding it was time to tell her story she began to write, with each passing day the story grew, characters we formed, and what seemed like a hobby at first has now become a passion for Livia. 

When Livia is not writing she is spending time with her husband and their two dogs, she might also be curled up with a new book, or she is out traveling the country to support indie authors at their book signings.