Monday, October 3, 2016

Winter Storms - Pub Week Review & Giveaway

Review by Darcie Czajkowski
Life with the Quinn family is never dull, and this year is no exception. In this third novel in the Quinn family series, we pick up where we left off in Winter Stroll.

First, there’s Kelley, who has prostate cancer and is undergoing treatment. Fortunately, it is contained and hasn’t metastasized. And he has his wife, Mitzi, back in his house, after her once-a-year affair with the Inn’s Santa Claus, George, culminated in her leaving Kelley for George. But she’s returned now and is determined to do everything in her power to ensure Kelley’s survival.

Margaret Quinn, Kelley’s ex-wife and the mother of three of his four children, is about to get married to pediatric surgeon, Drake. She feels happy and alive around him and can’t wait to become his wife.

Then there’s Kelley and Margaret’s oldest son, Patrick, who was incarcerated for insider trading. He is about to be released and return home to his wife, Jennifer, and their three sons. Jennifer has been trying to hold her family together while Patrick has been away, but the stress has taken its toll on her and she has a secret of her own.

Next is Kevin Quinn, who is engaged to the hotel’s cook, Isabelle. Kevin and Isabelle share a daughter, Genevieve. They got engaged two years ago but haven’t yet gotten married. This year will be the year, Kevin decides. Isabelle has waited long enough.

Ava Quinn is Kelley and Margaret’s only daughter. She is currently dating both Nathaniel and Scott and can’t decide which one to commit to. She loves them both, but in different and unique ways. If only she could combine them and create one perfect man. But that’s not all. Her love life becomes more complicated when she goes on vacation with Margaret and is charmed by a stranger on the beach.

Finally, there is Bart, Kelley and Mitzi’s son. Two years ago, he was taken as a POW in Afghanistan, and no one is sure if he is dead or alive. But then the family receives positive news: one solider from Bart’s platoon has escaped to safety. Unfortunately, he is in critical condition and can’t yet report on the conditions of the other troops.

As Kevin and Isabelle’s Christmas Eve wedding approaches, a mammoth storm hits the Northeast, calling into question whether or not the family will all be together to celebrate the holiday and share in Kevin and Isabelle’s joy.

That is the theme of Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Storms: joy. It is a common theme for Christmas, but in this third book, there is a lot of joy to go around and so much to celebrate. This family is tight-knit and truly there for one another. When one person feels pain, everyone feels it. The same goes for joy. I love that about this holiday series from Hilderbrand. It’s a quick read, but it’s packed with drama around every turn. Bring a little joy into your own life this holiday season, and pick up Winter Storms.

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Elin Hilderbrand has a twin brother who is not a bestselling novelist. She does her best writing on the beaches of Nantucket, as well as on the charming streets of Beacon Hill in Boston. She has three magical children who beg her not to sing along to the radio or dance in public.

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