Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crazy Little Thing - Review & Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel

Freshly divorced from her cheating husband, Sadie decides that a much needed summer vacation may be just what the doctor ordered.  So when she takes her children and heads to her aunt’s lake house, her only real plans are to relax and keep away from men for the duration of her stay.  But, as we all know, even the best laid out plans don’t always turn out how we want them to.  Not only were her two male cousins staying there during that time, a very male (and sexy!) man living a few houses down has caught her eye.  However, she refuses to admit that she’s attracted to him … even to herself!  She tries to convince everybody that she’s not ready to date.  But as Des, the hot neighbor, and her paths keep crossing, it’s hard to deny the chemistry between the two.  Will Sadie be able to let down her guard and allow herself to be vulnerable around Des?  Or has her ex-husband’s adulterous ways soured her towards men and relationships for good?

I’ve read a lot of books!  But there’s nothing like finding a new author and just falling in love with her writing from the very first line.  That’s exactly what happened to me while reading Crazy Little Thing by Tracy Brogan.  The very first line had me laughing out loud!  Right then and there I knew that this was going to be my type of book!  The humor was spot on, the story kept my attention from the first page to the last and the characters were all zany and fun!  It’s safe to say that Tracy Brogan has a fan in me!  I’m excited to say that her next book, The Best Medicine, which is a sequel to this book, is due out on May 13.  I will not only be posting my review for The Best Medicine on May 20th, I will also have another giveaway of a tote bag full of Tracy Brogan swag!  If you haven’t read Crazy Little Thing yet, you must get it!  I promise you that you will love it as much as I did!

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About the Author:
Past or present, Tracy Brogan loves romance. She read her first swashbuckling adventure at age sixteen and knew right then she was destined to become a novelist. She now writes fun and breezy contemporary stories about ordinary people finding extraordinary love, and lush historical romance full of political intrigue, damsels causing distress, and the occasional man in a kilt.

Tracy is a Romance Writer of America® RITA Finalist for Best First Book, and a two-time Golden Heart Finalist. She's the best-selling author of Crazy Little Thing and Highland Surrender. She resides in Michigan with her husband, their children, and their overly indulged dogs.

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