Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Down and Out in Bugtussle - Review

Review by K.T Sullivan

Ace Jones has returned to her hometown to move into her late grandmother’s house. The only job available is to be a substitute teacher at the local high school. She was the art teacher, but was fired. She meets up with her old friends and joins the drama of their lives. One is pregnant and hasn't told her police officer boyfriend yet. The other’s boyfriend is headed back overseas for another tour of duty. They decide Ace needs a guy of her own. She’s already picked one out, but can’t seem to catch his eye. Ace makes friends with her fellow substitute, Stacey, and both make the best of their situations. Ace decides to refurbish her grandmother’s lovely garden. She seeks out some of her garden club friends and finds an old journal. Grandma kept meticulous notes about her plantings and her secret boyfriend. Now, Ace is on a mission to find the mystery man and bag one of her own. Will she be able to squeeze into a dress and survive a friend’s makeover in time?

This book travels behind the scenes to the teachers’ lounge. The infighting and bad blood between some, the flirting and hook ups between others. They drink, party, and hope they don’t get caught, just like their students. They are all very human. Ace is a delightful character: loves her dog, content with her body shape, and offering a helping hand to all in need. And grandma’s beau is adorable.  

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About the Author:
Stephanie McAfee is a former high school Spanish teacher from Mississippi who now lives in Colorado with her husband, son, and chiweenie.

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