Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Secrets of Midwives - Review & Giveaway

Review by KT Sullivan
Three generations of midwives are dealing with secrets, a new baby, and a possible lawsuit. Floss, the grandmother, has been holding a sad secret about her daughter, Grace’s birth. Grace’s husband is facing job loss and worries about her daughter Neva’s unexpected pregnancy. Grace is also being questioned about a home delivery of a baby with a birth defect. Neva is not married and not naming the father. The three work together as midwives, each feel they were called to this profession. Neva believes “women were warriors” when it came to natural birth. She has two possible fathers for her child, but her friend, Patrick, would like to step in and be the father.

Watching Neva avoid questions, Floss recalls the circumstances surrounding Grace’s birth. She isn’t Grace’s biological mother. Her best friend married a worthless man who abused her. She later died in childbirth. Floss left England with Grace and fled to America. Dealing with complex births have been the three’s life’s work. Years of expertise will be needed for their most important and personal case. Are they ready for their biggest challenge?

The family business and dynamic between the three is fascinating. Most readers will see themselves or someone they know in these roles. The sage, the rebel, and the peacekeeper all mix together. Floss is the most interesting character. So many facets of her life are outside of society’s norms. She has strived to be herself and help all around her while keeping her secrets from everyone close to her. Excellent read.  

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About the Author:
Sally Hepworth is the author of THE SECRETS OF MIDWIVES, a novel about three generations of midwives, to be published by St. Martin's Press, NY, in Feb 2015. The novel will be published worldwide in English, as well as in France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Sally has lived around the world, spending extended periods in Singapore, the U.K., and Canada, where she worked in event management and Human Resources. She is the author of Love Like The French, published by Random House Germany in February 2014.

Sally lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two children. Sally is currently working on her next novel.

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