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Click & Double Click - Review, Interview & Giveaway

Book Review by Darcey Pickett

Friends Forever!!

These stories take us on a personal journey of four friends who are in the throes of the dating scene.  We are introduced to them in the first story – Click.

Renee, a single woman, decides against her better judgment to join an on line dating service with Mark on of her best friends.  It being Mark’s idea, Renee thought they would be experiencing all the highs and lows together.  Renee has many suitors but after reading some of the profiles and emails she receives I am shocked that she held on for as long as she did.  She certainly had to kiss a lot of frogs before finding her prince. 

Mark is a very picky, detail oriented man.  It was his idea to start his on line dating arrangement with Renee; however he drags his feet leaving Renee “out there” all on her own.  Once he finally puts himself out there he after some searching does find the girl that is just right for him.

Shelley is a very interesting character in these stories; her love life is a story all in itself.  But like the others true love might be in her future.

Ashley is lovingly dubbed Ms. Priss, she holds herself to high standards and expects as much of her friends.  It is endearing to see the relationship with Ashley and Shelley evolves.

As we read through Click and move onto Double Click we get to meet some of the other people in the story.  We fall in love with Ethan, Renee’s love interest.  Their love story is quite sweet and one you will love to read and maybe even ask for more of.

We also get to meet Cassidy, I found myself feeling slightly guilty as I read what the other girls were saying about her.  Initially I was on the girls’ side only to find myself being pulled to team Cassidy.

There are so many identifiable characters in this story; it’s hard to pick just one.  I absolutely loved these stories.  I felt as if I was part of this very loving, close knit and sometimes dysfunctional group of friends.  The style of writing Ms. Becker chooses for these books made the story flow strong and smooth.  I found myself sneaking in pages to be able to see what was said next.  I almost opened my own email to see if I was included on the email chain.  I highly recommend Click and Double Click and I strongly urge you to read them back to back!  I have a feeling you will!

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Interview by Darcey Pickett

1. When you set out to write these stories, how did you settle on this style? It is very unique and fun!
Many years ago, I read a book called e by Matthew Beaumont which tells the story of a fictitious ad agency vying for a big account, with the story all told in emails.  I thought that narrative style would work really well for the story I wanted to tell about the online dating world.  It was a modern way of storytelling that fit the topic and the times. 

2. Did you have experience with on line dating? If not, how did you do your research?
My husband and I met online on a popular dating website.  After we married, I was recalling some of the hilarious experiences that I had with both traditional and online dating.  I decided to capture some of them in writing and from there, a novel emerged.   The ultimate goal was to create a fun read for anyone who has ever had a bad date, been in love, been dumped, or is searching for "the one."  But, the happy ending is real.  Steve and I have been happily married for 10+ years and have two amazing daughters - ages 8 and 6. 

3. How did you come up with all the "crazy" guys?
Click is loosely based on my real-life dating experiences, as well as stories friends have shared with me.  In some cases, things are written as they actually occurred.  Other scenarios are exaggerated for entertainment value or comedic affect.  And some scenarios are completely fictionalized.  But I really did go out on a date with someone I met online who started every story (no joke!) with “My buddies and I were out drinking last night.” 

4. What was the biggest challenge you encounter when developing the characters?
Developing the story wasn’t difficult at all; I had plenty of inspiration from my dating experiences, stories from friends and the cast of comical characters in my own personal life.  For example, Shelley’s hilarious habit of giving nicknames to her “man du jour” was inspired by a childhood friend of mine who had a nickname for a guy in college that she admired from across the dorm cafeteria.  She called him Maverick because he looked like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  Much like Shelley, she is a self-confident, gorgeous, lovely gal and it wasn't long before they met and dated for a spell.   The hardest part was keeping the timeline and email exchanges organized.  Sometimes, I would have to look back a few pages earlier to make sure I had cc’d or bcc’d the right people on an email and that the subject lines were consistent.  In some cases, there were replies to forwards to replies.  Keeping it all straight was a challenge, but essential to the book’s format. 

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About the Author:

Lisa Becker had endured her share of hilarious and heinous cyber dates, many of which inspired Click: An Online Love Story. She is now happily married to a wonderful man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there's hope for you!

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