Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Christmas Light - Review & Giveaway

Review by Deb Czajkowski
The road of life is often filled with potholes, some deeper than others, and curves that are sometimes sharper than anticipated. Both threaten to derail us.  In The Christmas Light, four families are journeying life’s difficult stretch of road.  What would happen if the roads they are traveling lead them to the same place?

Sixteen-year-old Kaylee is a sophomore who is facing a life-changing decision.  Her dad has accepted a new job in a city far from their current home.  They’ve decided to delay their move until Kaylee’s situation is resolved.  Is staying the best solution?

The past year in particular has been a great struggle for six-year-old Avery.  Christmas is approaching, but Avery has more demons than sugarplums dancing in her head.  While she lost her father three years ago, the reality of not having her father in her life anymore has never been more tangible nor more frightening than it is right now.  Her mother, Jennifer, shares her daughter’s heartache. Can they find a way to face their new normal?

Coming home late one Sunday night from a weekend trip, Ryan finds his wife, Julie, waiting up for him, waiting to tell him good-bye.  Soon thereafter, Julie remarries and moves with her new family to another state, leaving their daughter, Sofia, with Ryan. Sofia has adjusted to day-to-day life with her dad and occasional visits with her mom, but Ryan is stuck. What will it take for him to stop dwelling on what went wrong and see what is going right?

Lily is the directory of ministry services for Grandon Community Church.  At age thirty-five, Lily and her husband, Stephen, put their loving marriage at the top of their “Counting our Blessings” list.  One blessing they have not been able to add to this list is the gift of a child.  Does Lily believe in miracles? Is Lily’s heart’s desire in her future?

If you believe that God does indeed work in mysterious ways, you will feel his hands-on presence in Donna VanLiere’s delightful book, The Christmas Light.  If you are perhaps feeling like his presence is mysteriously absent from your life right now, read this book for comfort, patience, and hope; comfort because you are not alone on life’s bumpy road, patience because there just might be a rest area around the next bend in the road, and hope because it keeps us focusing on the positive over the negative while we wait.

Author Donna VanLiere skillfully presents four separate stories, four roads if you will, that she beautifully brings to the same corner of the world, uniting them all in ways that are plausible and satisfying.  If you believe in every day miracles and Christmas magic, you’ll love this holiday readIf you veer more toward the skeptical, The Christmas Light just might change your mind!

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About the Author: 
..a mom, a wife, an animal lover, and a closet comedian at home. She's passionate about cooking (...and eating), reading, movies and teaching, inspiring, challenging and encouraging dreamers! She doesn’t like watching sports on TV but is a huge fan of athletes under five feet tall who call her Mom. Donna also loves to write books.

Donna has won a Retailer's Choice Award for Fiction, a Dove Award, a Silver Angel Award, two Audie Awards for best inspirational fiction, has been a nominee for a Gold Medallion Book of the Year and is an inductee in the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Hall of Excellence joining such luminaries as Coretta Scott King, Hugh Downs, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Senator John Glenn. She also serves on the board of directors for National House of Hope, a residency program that is offered in several states for abused and at-risk teens.

One of Donna’s great loves is teaching and speaking. She has appeared at countless events around the country including keynote addresses at the prestigious Patricia Adams Lecture Series at Heidelberg University, Women of Faith, Among Friends Conferences and Extraordinary Women.

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  1. My neighbor and I share the same front porch (condo), so they actually put up garland with lights and I contribute and outdoor timer :) . I also put a tiny tree on my desk so that it shines out of the front window.

  2. We will be married 43 years tomorrow and we have always decorated.

  3. We usually put up Christmas lights, but this year we're going away for Christmas so we didn't. I miss having them up.

  4. We don't put up Christmas lights outside, it is just to much work. But we really decorate inside the house.

  5. I don't put up outside lights but I enjoy decorating inside. This really sounds like a good book.

  6. yes i put up lights all over..we love them

  7. I was born and raised Jewish by a Jewish mother and Catholic father. We did both Christmas and Chanukkah until I was about 5 and just Chanukkah after that. We've only ever been an inside decoration type family. No matter how many times my older sister and I would ask our parents to decorate the house with lights-blue and white or even just white lights-they never caved. Once I have my own home I plan on decorating with the pretty white lights that look like icicles!!

  8. We haven't put lights outside, but we do have lights on our tree. I have a wreath on our door. I keep it simple.

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  9. We don't do much Christmas decorating at all. So, there is nothing outside my house.

  10. Due to family sickness, I haven't been able to decorate outside this year.

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