Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Storm In A B Cup - Review

Review by Deb Czajkowski

Nobody asks for Breast Cancer. Certainly Sophie Molloy didn’t. It chose her, a young mother with a six-year-old son. Sassy, sexy, sensible Sophie has Breast Cancer.
 What does one do when she hears, “You have Breast Cancer”? Some throw themselves pity parties. Lots of them. Complaining, moaning, and boohoo-ing every step of the way. Some withdraw from Family, Friends, even Life. They don’t want to be a ‘burden’ to them. Or they don’t want people to see them ‘like this.’

When Sophie hears these life-changing words, her sensible side steps immediately up to the plate. “Ok,” she says to her doctor, “I have Breast Cancer and I want it gone. What do we do first?” Once the plan is in place, Sassy Sophie leads the charge with her ‘every day’ philosophy that humor—and a positive attitude—is the best medicine. And she surrounds herself with her friends and family, allowing them to support and encourage her.
And so begins Sophie’s journey as a woman with Breast Cancer, along the very bumpy and windy road (which includes losing her breast, her best friend, her boyfriend, and her home) to becoming a Breast Cancer survivor.

Amidst the bad and the truly ugly, Sexy Sophie feels less and less sexy as she loses her breast, and subsequently her long-time partner rejects her, ultimately leaving her. Then she meets her plastic surgeon, Dr. Hanson, a.k.a Dr. Handsome to his staff. It takes all of five minutes for Sophie to fall for the dishy doctor, and for Sexy Sophie to begin to feel sexy again. But his tender and attentive care of her confuses her. Does it mean he has feelings for her as well or is his kindness purely professional? Will he give her a sexy new breast, and then simply walk away?

Author Lindy Dale is in fact a Breast Cancer survivor. While Storm in a B cup is fictional, it is based upon her own breast cancer story. So is her book a tedious and gruesome litany of horror after Breast Cancer horror? Hardly. Sure, it is a glimpse into the world of a Breast Cancer sufferer, but Lindy’s laugh-out-loud humor and positive attitude are purely infectious. In sharing Sophie’s story, Lindy Dale skillfully balances the seriousness of Breast Cancer and the benefits of humor (for her own personal sanity as well as the benefit of all those around her) and positive thinking—powerful all by itself. I learned a lot and enjoyed the learning. This isn’t a day-at-the beach read. It’s so much more, and entirely worth the journey.

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About the Author:
I live on an acreage in country Western Australia where I spend my days writing, walking and looking after orphan lambs. (SeeDaisy Darling)
On a typical day ~ when not at my day job ~ you can find me lurking around Twitter and Facebook so stop by and say hello. I love to hear from readers.
I'm a hopeless U2 and Bon Jovi fan ~ as judged by my collection of tour t-shirts. I'm also rugby union fanatic, coffee and champagne lover, chocoholic, over-exaggerator, trashy TV, music and iPhone addict. If you can't Google it then it's not worth knowing!

I've been writing in the genre of Chick Lit & Women's Fiction for the past ten years and have recently tried my hand at a paranormal romance too!  But Chick Lit is my main love. There's nothing like a dose of humor when you're feeling low.

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  1. Wow great review. This book sounds right up my alley. My grandma is a 2 time breast cancer survivor. And breast cancer is one of my biggest fears because of that.

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