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Bittersweet Chocolate - Review

Review by Darcie Czajkowski

A winner. A gem. A rare book that keeps you guessing, but also makes you say, yes, that is how the story should have gone, like a puzzle that makes total sense once every piece is in its right place.

These are my initial thoughts on Martha Reynolds’ book, Bittersweet Chocolate. I previously wrote a review on the first two books in this series, so I won’t devote too much time to the plot to avoid giving anything away. But what I will say is that this series is a must-read. For someone in their twenties to someone in their fifties, it is a captivating story that follows a young girl from her college days of partying abroad in Fribourg, Switzerland to her return to the same city and many surrounding ones over the next thirty years of her life. It tells the story of her journey and the people who influence her and affect her life during that time. From clear, colorful descriptions of people, situations, and European vistas to Reynolds’ obvious knack for spitting out spot-on dialogue, I had to consciously slow myself down, especially as the story progressed, as I was eagerly gobbling it all up, insatiable for more.

One of the things I appreciate most about this series is the realness of it – both in terms of the characters’ personalities and the events as they unfolded. Hard issues were not skirted. Joyous moments were given their due appreciation. Life consists of ups and downs and those books which delve deep into both are poised to be winners for me.

Even more rare than finding an entire series that infuses a tingly warm aura into my heart is finding an author whose spirit matches her books. Martha has a way about her that not only makes you fall in love with her enthralling stories, but also with her kind, thoughtful, and hard-working personality. So in the New Year, if you resolve to read more, resolve to read everything that Martha churns out, starting with this series. You won’t be disappointed, especially if you enjoy them along with a piece of the Swiss chocolate that main character Bernadette Maguire loves so much.

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About the Author:

Real True Fiction.
Martha Reynolds is the author of the award-winning CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, its sequel, CHOCOLATE FONDUE, and the third and final book in the trilogy, BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE.
She also is the author of BITS OF BROKEN GLASS, a novel about four high school classmates who meet up for their 25-year class reunion.
All books are available in digital and print versions.
She and her husband live in Rhode Island, never far from the ocean.
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