Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Divided By Livia Jamerlan - End of Summer Giveaway

By Livia Jamerlan

Kneeling next to him on the bed, his lips covered mine as his hands reached for my neck pulling me closer to him. Needing to be closer, I wrap my hands around his hair deepening our kiss. I place my legs around his waist not letting go. He moves, pushing me back which causes me to lie on my back again. He covers my naked body with his. He pulls away from my lips and looks deep into my eyes.
"I promise I will try every day to make you smile."  He says, letting me know by the look in his eyes that I made the right decision.
I lean up and bring my lips to his again, exploring his mouth with my kiss. He is my undoing. Being underneath him is my serenity. His hands slowly reach down and grab my breasts. Reality sets in and hits me like a ton of bricks. We were made from one another. Our bodies perfectly united as one, every part of my body fits his, his hands fit perfectly around my breast, his lips mold perfectly to my nipples. Our bodies are synced as one.  He slowly rubs the tip of my nipples. I begin to arch my back as the purest of pleasure is shooting down into my core. Again.
"Please." I beg in between breaths. He pulls away bringing himself up so his mouth meets my neck. His favorite spot.
"Say it again. Beg for it." He commands with each soft kiss. He moves down my neck, towards my collarbone. The sweet tingly sensation cause by his lips makes my toes curl.
"Please." I breathe out as his hand continues tantalizing my nipple. He makes his way to my breast and looks up at me before he licks hard nipple ever so slowly. My eyes roll back into my head and he continues to lick one while softly pinching the other. The need for release is building but I don't know how much longer I can handle him teasing me. He switches to the other side. The teasing is no longer sweet but carnal. He is devouring each one like his favorite flavor of ice cream. 
"Please. Baby please I can't take it anymore."  I beg, needing his help with the ache between my legs.
He rises from my breast slowly placing feather soft kiss along my abdomen. When he spreads my legs my heart stops. I grip the sheets as I anticipate his dive into my core. Holding my breath waiting for his tongue to meet my clit, I feel my heart throbbing in my chest. When I feel his tongue on my most sensitive part, moans erupt from me that I can’t control. With my eyes closed, I feel him. He begins down low in my opening licking his way up to my swollen bead.
"I love how wet you are for me." He whispers as he takes his thumb and rubs it up and down on my clit. "Will you come for me Alani?"
"Uh-huh." I can barely mange to think let alone speak. The only thing I can think about or focus on is  the most desirable man sitting in between my legs and savoring me. 

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