Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas at Copper Mountain - Review & Giveaway

Review by Marlene Engel

Harley needed to get away from Central California, away from the memories that haunted her.  She decided to take a temporary job as a housekeeper and cook at the Copper Mountain Ranch.  She needed the time away to clear her head of the tragedy that took the lives of her children and husband.  Doing physical work at the ranch is exactly what she needed, but dealing with her gruff boss was going to be a challenge. 

Brock Sheenan is the owner of Copper Mountain Ranch.  He’s known for being a recluse of sorts since losing his wife and becoming an only parent to their twin children.  The last thing he expected, or wanted, was for a beautiful, young woman to work at his ranch.  He didn’t want the distraction.  When he was told that a woman named Harley Diekerhoff was to temporarily replace his housekeeper/cook he envisioned an older, stocky woman … not a young, beautiful one! 

But when Brock’s eleven year old twins show up in the middle of the night, when they were supposed to be in New York at a boarding school, the atmosphere changes at the ranch.  Harley has a hard time with it since her oldest daughter was their age when she passed.  She specifically took the job knowing that she wouldn’t be working with kids, knowing that it would be too difficult after losing her own.  But Harley begins to bond with the children and even gets their grumpy father to loosen up a bit.  Will Harley be able to break the ice that surrounds Brock’s heart?  Or will being around be a constant reminder of what she has lost?

I love holiday themed books and Christmas at Copper Mountain is the perfect book to get you into the holiday spirit!   I thought that the story was well written and the characters felt so real.  The struggles that they dealt with were ones that many people can relate to.  As a mother who has lost a child, I can relate to the pain that Harley feels, but it just made me root for her happiness.  This is a must read!  It will bring out many emotions, but ultimately have you feeling the Christmas spirit!

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Bestselling author Jane Porter has been a finalist for the prestigious RITA award four times and has over 12 million copies in print. Jane’s novel, Flirting With Forty, picked by Redbook as its Red Hot Summer Read, went back for seven printings in six weeks before being made into a Lifetime movie starring Heather Locklear. A mother of three sons, Jane holds an MA in Writing from the University of San Francisco and makes her home in sunny San Clemente, CA with her surfer husband.

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  1. Read this one I love a nice Christmas read

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  3. I love the title and the cover. Christmas stories are some of the best.

  4. Cover art is beautiful; and I really enjoy any of Jane's books!