Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tempt Me, Cowboy by Megan Crane - Review

Chelsea Crawford Collier is a high school history teacher who lives with her mom and dresses decades older than her age.  She’s proud to be a Crawford, a member of one of Marietta’s First Families, and knows that her roots run deep in this town.  For the past year she’s been raising money to turn the Marietta Railroad Depot, which is a symbol of the Crawford family’s many contributions to the town, into a museum until she finds out that it has been sold to Texas bad boy, Jasper Flint.  To make matters worse, he wants to turn it into a microbrewery.  Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Chelsea confronts Jasper and tries to convince him why turning the depot into a microbrewery is not only a bad idea, but disrespectful to the people of Marietta, Montana. 

What Chelsea didn’t expect was that her intent to confront Jasper would instead turn into a scandal of sorts in this small town.  When Chelsea is seen on the back of Jasper’s motorcycle, the people of Marietta start talking.  It doesn’t take long for word to make its way to Chelsea’s mother.  And she is far from pleased that her daughter is not only the talk of the town, but that she is fraternizing with the enemy.  Despite her mother's silent treatment, which is much worse than any verbal bashing she could unleash, Chelsea knows that she had to choose between what her family stands for and what her heart was telling her to do.
The connection between Chelsea and Jasper is undeniable, but Chelsea also knows that she’s never been the desirable type.  Trying to protect her heart, she tells herself that this is temporary and knows that she has to put an end to this affair and focus on convincing Jasper to do the right thing and turn the depot into a museum.  But can she walk away from the passion that she feels towards him?  And will Jasper succumb to her pleas for the depot? 

Tempt Me, Cowboy, the first book in The Copper Mountain Rodeo Series, is a breath of fresh air.  I love that it’s set in a small town where the people are so close and that history is of great importance.  I loved Chelsea’s character, her feisty attitude and passion for her family.  I also fell in love with Jasper’s bad boy attitude and sexy cowboy style.  I couldn't get enough of this book.  I absolutely LOVED it.  This book is a must read for any cowboy fan.  I was tempted and know that you will be too!

Megan Crane is a New Jersey native who had great plans to star on Broadway, preferably in Evita, just like Patti LuPone. Sadly, her inability to wow audiences with her singing voice required a back up plan. Accordingly, she graduated from Vassar College and got her MA and PhD in literature from the University of York in England. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on AIDS literature, mostly so she could wallow in her obsession with the remarkable multi-media artist David Wojnarowicz and her idol, the bitter and hilarious David Feinberg. After many years in the rain and subject to the whim of seasons, she followed the sun to Los Angeles, where she lives with a dog, a cat, two crazy kittens, and an artist named Jeff. She is still plotting her Broadway debut.

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